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From POC to ‘Live’

From POC to ‘Live’

Progress From POC to Live

For a multinational service company active in the advisory/consulting sector, we had the project to go live with the implementation of process automation.

Two processes where selected for automation using Blue Prism for which a Proof of Concept (PoC) was developed.

Based on the success of the PoCs, a full automation implementation was initiated. The setup and installation of Blue Prism infrastructure was followed by the development of more than five production robots, including governance and reporting seven control.

Client Challenges

  • Prepare the organization for the future by enabling digitalization
  • Improvement of internal operational processes
  • Doing away with repetitive time-consuming tasks.
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Prepare the IT environment for a scalable RPA solution


  • Opportunity assessment on identified process to verify viability for automation
  • Setup and installation of Blue Prism environment using virtual components
  • Development of more than five robots to automate operational process routines using Blue Prism
  • Governance and operation of digital work force setup and control
  • Identification of a digital workforce KPIs
  • Work together with the IT supplier and business to setup a live environment according to strict security and control standards


  • Five FTE capacity redistribution
  • Employee satisfaction increased due to the elimination of repetitive work
  • > five processes live
  • An IT environment that is suitable for RPA and in accordance with the required security and control standards
  • A roadmap for 2019-2020 and further, containing the next steps of intelligent automation using Machine Learning (ML) technologies
  • Real-time dashboard for the successful control and monitoring of the digital workforce

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