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Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Data Lineage

For a financial services company active in the banking sector we had the project to implement Data Lineage also known as a process to map the information system. It allows a visualization of the life cycle of the data. 

We supported our client in different aspects of its data journey to become compliant with regulatory requirements.

Client Challenges

As part of BCBS 239 regulation, there was a requirement to document the data lineage, by providing the external auditor with transparency on the data feeding the client risk reports.


  • Support in the improvement of the methodology elaborated by the client
  • Selection and prioritization of pilots for documentation
  • Documentation of the data traceability, a reference to the flow of data from source to target for the selected reports
  • Elaboration and documentation of data artefacts supporting the data lineage: business glossary, data catalogue, continuous improvement log, among others
  • Identification of roles and responsibilities along the lineage
  • Identification of synergies in the data used in the different divisions


By documenting the data lineage, the client was able to create transparency on its data lifecycle. On top of being compliant with regulatory requirements, data traceability brings added value to the organization with efficiency increases, such as fast identification of data quality issues, redundancy, ownership issues, etc. It also supports the organization in its decision making, with the identification of opportunities for automation, better assessment of the impact of changes, understanding of dependencies, among other benefits.

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