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Europe tax news flash

Tax News Flash - Europe

Tax News Flash - Europe

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June 2019

24 Jun - Channel Islands: Beneficial ownership registers (Jersey, Guernsey) and Isle of Man

24 Jun - Latvia: “Similar goods” and discounts, deductive method of customs valuation

21 Jun - UK: EC’s state aid findings, CFC financing company exemption

21 Jun - UK: Structures and buildings allowance; revised legislation and HMRC response

20 Jun - Hungary: Proposals for corporate, individual income tax changes; VAT amendments

20 Jun - Sweden: Deductibility of losses from foreign subsidiaries (CJEU judgments on compatibility of Swedish rules with EU law)

19 Jun - Netherlands: Consultation on changes to corporate income tax group rule

18 Jun - Germany: Copyright “formal warning” enforcement actions subject to VAT

18 Jun - Italy: “Net taxation” of royalties paid to foreign companies (regional tax court decision)

18 Jun - Netherlands: Finance answers parliamentary questions about conduit companies

17 Jun - Ireland: VAT treatment of activities of public bodies, certain vouchers

14 Jun - EU: Update on financial transaction tax; Dominica removed from “blacklist”

14 Jun - EU: Summary of CJEU, EC tax developments (June 2019)

14 Jun - Netherlands: VAT status of supervisory directors and officers (CJEU judgment)

14 Jun - Poland: Proposal to require VAT split-payment mechanism

14 Jun - UK: Business premises renovation allowance; possible refund opportunities

13 Jun - Cyprus: Tax card for 2019

13 Jun - Czech Republic: No permanent establishment of German entity, independent agent found

13 Jun - Czech Republic: VAT corrections and refunds, insolvent customers

13 Jun - Czech Republic: VAT treatment of employer-provided meal vouchers

10 Jun - Montenegro: Tax returns reporting capital gains, income from leasing transactions

10 Jun - Poland: “Due care” requirement for withholding tax remittances

10 Jun - Romania: Overview of tax system

7 Jun - OECD: Update on status of tax transparency initiatives (AEOI and CRS)

7 Jun - UK: Special purpose vehicle entities found to be Jersey, not UK, tax residents

6 Jun - Austria: VAT rules for travel agents (EC referral to CJEU)

6 Jun - Spain: Sanctions for failure to report assets held abroad (EC referral to CJEU)

5 Jun - Germany: Dividend withholding, Canadian pension plan (CJEU Advocate General opinion)

4 Jun - EU: Tax profiles of European countries

May 2019

31 May - OECD: Plan for resolving tax challenges of digital economy, taxing multinational entities

31 May - UK: Proposals concerning taxation of offshore intangible receipts

28 May - Italy: Legislative rules for business operations after “no-deal Brexit”

24 May - Sweden: Tax on chemicals used in electronic products; possible expansion

24 May - UK: HMRC no longer accepting email submissions, short-term business visitors

23 May - OECD: Declining tax revenue from transport fuel taxes; considerations for distance-based levies

20 May - Switzerland: Voters approve tax reform measures in referendum

20 May - Switzerland: Tax relief proposal, employee participation in start-ups, family businesses

20 May - Czech Republic: Tax proposals expected in 2020 tax package (insurance, excise taxes, digital taxation)

20 May - EU: Digital tax, EU “blacklist” updates (ECOFIN meeting)

20 May - Poland: Taxation of retail sector held not state aid (General Court of EU judgment)

17 May - Austria: Tax reform legislation 2019-2020, proposals in draft bill

17 May - Belgium: VAT implications of pharma research program

17 May - Czech Republic: VAT changes proposed for 2020

17 May - UK: Non-UK pension fund, exempt from tax on property investment income (tribunal decision)

17 May - EU: Summary of CJEU, EC tax developments (May 2019)

15 May - EU: New system to address VAT fraud, allows for cross-border data exchanges

15 May - Germany: Input VAT refund procedures, VAT on company cars transferred to employees (CJEU referrals)

15 May - Germany: Tax treatment of income from online advertising

10 May - Italy: Tax incentives expanded for certain individuals

10 May - UK: Tribunal decision on stamp duty land tax (SDLT) rules; may affect commercially driven transactions or structuring

10 May - UK: Updated VAT rules for “making tax digital” allow supplier statements, include other changes

9 May - Hungary: VAT reverse-charge mechanism, input VAT deduction (CJEU judgments)

9 May - Serbia: Tax audits planned, employer payments for employee commuting costs

8 May - UK: Details about proposed digital services tax

7 May - Greece: Shipping tax regime; “special contribution” by maritime sector

7 May - Greece: Thin-cap, CFC, anti-avoidance rules in new law; VAT vouchers

6 May - Switzerland: UK capital gains tax, implications for Swiss persons

6 May - Switzerland: VAT-registered foreign companies not required to declare worldwide turnover

3 May - UK: CFC finance company exemption not state aid in certain instances, EC concludes

2 May - Czech Republic: Proposal for digital services tax

2 May - EU: “Snapshot” of EU tax developments (April, early May 2019)

2 May - Italy: Corporate tax incentives include bonus depreciation, reduced rate, patent box changes

2 May - Italy: VAT reporting requirement, remote sales of goods and electronics

1 May - Netherlands: Residence requirement for dividend withholding tax refunds (CJEU judgment)

April 2019

30 Apr - France: Appeals court (Paris) affirms, no permanent establishment for Irish entity

30 Apr - EU: Dispute resolution tribunal under free trade agreement with Canada upheld (CJEU opinion)

30 Apr - Slovakia: Guidance on taxation, deduction of recreational contributions

30 Apr - Slovakia: Repeal of special tax levy on supermarket chains

29 Apr - Cyprus: EU directive on earnings stripping, general anti-abuse, and CFC rules transposed into Cypriot law

29 Apr - Malta: BEPS multilateral instrument (MLI) enters into force; potentially affects about 75% of treaties 

29 Apr - Russia: Full input VAT recovery on export of services, work

29 Apr - Switzerland: Stamp transfer tax obligations of securities dealers

26 Apr - Luxembourg: Tax measures in 2019 budget bill passed by Parliament

26 Apr - UK: Proposed amendment to “hybrid capital instrument” definition

26 Apr - Netherlands: Plans for revised, renewed international tax rulings policy

25 Apr - Netherlands: “Emergency repair of fiscal unity” legislation; corporate tax update

25 Apr - OECD: Tenth edition of Model Tax Convention published

25 Apr - Serbia: Environmental protection levy based on pollution levels, types of pollutants

24 Apr - Sweden: Reduced property tax on wind turbines, state aid issue (Supreme Administrative Court decision)

23 Apr - EU: Tax-related infringement proceedings, referrals to CJEU

17 Apr - Germany: Sale and lease-back implications for input VAT

17 Apr - Netherlands: Proposed changes to loss rules in liquidation or cessation (corporate income tax)

12 Apr - Sweden: VAT treatment of courses and seminars (CJEU)

12 Apr - UK: Courts take different approaches to tax treatment of multi-step transactions

12 Apr - UK: HMRC consultation, proposed changes to reduce tax relief available for certain home sales

11 Apr - Luxembourg: Multilateral instrument (MLI) ratification notice deposited with OECD

10 Apr - Czech Republic: Thin cap, CFC rules, exit tax, hybrid mismatch rules enacted

10 Apr - Czech Republic: VAT measures effective 1 April 2019

10 Apr - Italy: New income tax treaty signed with China

9 Apr - Netherlands: Bill introducing ultimate beneficial owner register

8 Apr - Netherlands: VAT policy statement, specific state supervision of investment funds

5 Apr - UK: Court decision, legislation expand HMRC’s extraterritorial authority for taxpayer data

4 Apr Italy: Proposed expansion of VAT information reporting, electronic marketplace sales

4 Apr - Serbia: Update on status of income tax treaties

3 Apr - Switzerland: Comparisons of corporate tax rates in Swiss cantons

2 Apr - Italy: Transition rule if “no-deal” Brexit; VAT and other taxes

2 Apr - Slovakia: EC investigation of tax on food retail sector

2 Apr - UK: EC finds CFC rules provided tax advantages to certain multinational companies

1 Apr - Ireland: Regulations for establishing central register of “beneficial ownership” of corporations

March 2019

29 Mar - UK: Employee share plan reporting 2018/19

29 Mar - UK: Overview of tax changes effective in early April 2019 

28 Mar - Poland: VAT return to be replaced, effective July 2019

27 Mar - EU: European Parliament adopts recommendations on financial crimes, tax evasion, tax avoidance

27 Mar - Switzerland: New official salary calculator

26 Mar - Belgium: Reminder to identify, register “ultimate beneficial owners” by 30 September 2019

26 Mar - Netherlands: Interest deduction limit (thin cap rule) for banks, insurers

23 Mar - Lithuania: Tax card for 2019

22 Mar - EU: Infringement procedures, referrals to CJEU, other tax developments

22 Mar - OECD: New rules endorsed, collection of VAT/GST from online marketplaces

22 Mar - OECD: Taxation of digital economy, public consultation update

22 Mar - Switzerland: Proposed changes to AEOI provisions

22 Mar - UK: “Collective defined contribution scheme” legislation to proceed

22 Mar - UK: Temporary tariff regime if “no-deal” Brexit

21 Mar - Netherlands: Rules for UK cross-border workers if “no-deal” Brexit

20 Mar - Germany: Prize money from television show not subject to VAT

19 Mar - EU: Taxation of digital economy; considering possible outcomes

15 Mar - UK: Draft legislation, structures and buildings allowance

15 Mar - UK: No major tax announcements in 2019 “spring statement”

14 Mar - France: No welfare contributions, income of French residents in Switzerland (CJEU judgment)

14 Mar - Netherlands: Update on bill to modernize partnership law

13 Mar - Czech Republic: Employee vacation compensation included in R&D tax allowances

13 Mar - Czech Republic: VAT and meal vouchers, discount vouchers

13 Mar - Netherlands: Draft transitional tax rules if “no-deal” Brexit

12 Mar - Luxembourg: Taxpayer rights restored, exchange of information requested by foreign tax authorities

12 Mar - EU: Implementing new VAT collection rules for online sales

12 Mar - EU: List of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions update ("blacklist")

12 Mar - EU: Status of digital advertising tax

12 Mar - Switzerland: Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies

11 Mar - Luxembourg: Income tax treaty with Senegal, provisions effective in 2019

11 Mar - Luxembourg: Tax allowances in 2019 for hybrid company cars

8 Mar - EU: Updates about CJEU judgments, referrals; other tax developments

8 Mar - UK: Corporate tax deductions for share incentive plans, practical issues

8 Mar - UK: Insight into HMRC’s profit diversion compliance facility

8 Mar - UK: Preparing for trade with EU if “no deal” Brexit

8 Mar - UK: Reminder for large businesses; quarterly instalment payment regime begins 1 April 2019

7 Mar - Austria: CFC rules finalized, other tax developments

7 Mar - Belgium: Luxembourg SICAVs, refunds of Belgian annual tax and withholding tax

7 Mar - Ireland: VAT update, changes to rates for certain items

7 Mar - Luxembourg: EC investigation into Luxembourg tax rulings on interest-free loans

7 Mar - Serbia: Tax treatment of travel expenses of employees

6 Mar - France: Draft proposal for digital services tax

6 Mar - France: Proposed change to scheduled corporate income tax rate reduction

6 Mar - Luxembourg: Interest limitation, reduced corporate tax rate (2019 budget bill)

6 Mar - Netherlands: Proposal countering excessive borrowing from one’s own company

4 Mar - Belgium: New company code is effective 1 May 2019

4 Mar - Italy: Withholding tax exemption, dividends paid by Italian subsidiaries

1 Mar - Serbia: Individual income taxation for 2018

February 2019

28 Feb - France: Corporate tax measures enacted for 2019

28 Feb - France: Individual tax measures enacted for 2019

28 Feb - Germany: Free movement of capital with non-EU countries (“Standstill Clause”) and German CFC rules (CJEU judgment)

28 Feb - Iceland: Tax facts for 2019

28 Feb - Italy: Clarifications about VAT, e-commerce sales of electronics

27 Feb - Denmark: "Beneficial owner" concept under EU directives; dividend distributions to EU intermediate holding company (CJEU judgment)

27 Feb - Netherlands: Near-term implications of Brexit for Dutch businesses

26 Feb - Germany: Co-ownership by defined shares, not “VAT trader”

26 Feb - Ireland: VAT accounting if “no deal” Brexit

26 Feb - San Marino: Overview of taxation, tax changes

26 Feb - Spain: Special tax regime for football clubs (CJEU judgment)

22 Feb - Belarus: “Tax card” provides overview of taxes for 2019

22 Feb - EU: Referrals to CJEU, other developments

22 Feb - Switzerland: Geneva cantonal project for tax reform changes

22 Feb - UK: Upper Tribunal decision addresses VAT-exempt financial services and asset management businesses

22 Feb - UK: Upper Tribunal, issues relating to refund claims of direct tax

19 Feb - Luxembourg: BEPS multilateral instrument (MLI) update

18 Feb - Czech Republic: Unpaid VAT and customer’s entitlement to VAT deduction

18 Feb - Hungary: “Innovation contribution” rules revised, group taxation implications

15 Feb - Belgium: Advance rulings concerning tax on excess profits (General Court judgment annuls EC action)

15 Feb - Sweden: Proposal to implement EU mandatory disclosure reporting rules

15 Feb - UK: Proposed 1% stamp duty land tax on acquisition of dwellings by non-UK resident buyers

14 Feb - Czech Republic: Update on tax package 2019

14 Feb - Switzerland: Basel-Stadt voters agree to tax reform

14 Feb - Switzerland: Vote on tax reform scheduled for 19 May 2019

13 Feb - Italy: Remote sales of certain electronics, VAT measures

13 Feb - Netherlands: BEPS multilateral instrument (MLI) update

11 Feb - EU: “VAT quick fixes” to simplify international trade (effective 2020)

8 Feb - EU: European Commission action on Germany’s exit tax; other EC actions and referrals to CJEU

8 Feb - EU: Update on mandatory disclosure requirements; implementation by EU Member States 

8 Feb - Spain: Digital services tax proposed in pending legislation

8 Feb - UK: Income tax treaties with Guernsey, Isle of Man, and Jersey

8 Feb - UK: Tribunal decision, capital allowances and acquisition of second-hand fixtures

8 Feb - UK: Tribunal decision, capital allowances on construction of a silo provided for temporary storage

1 Feb - Ireland: Information returns, employee share schemes due 31 March 2019

1 Feb - Malta: Income tax, VAT measures in budget implementation legislation

1 Feb - Switzerland: Tax allocation rules, net income and wealth of banks

January 2019

31 Jan - Croatia: Reduced related-party interest rate for 2019, tax implications

29 Jan - Italy: Tax amnesty to settle tax audits, tax liabilities

28 Jan - Russia: Looming VAT registration deadline for business-to-business (B2B) e-services

25 Jan - France: VAT recovery on basis of cross-border use costs (CJEU judgment)

25 Jan - Italy: Tax authorities clarify mandatory e-invoicing rules, VAT implications

25 Jan - UK: Changes to payslip requirements for employers, beginning April 2019

25 Jan - UK: Possible tax implications of employment law proposals

24 Jan - EU: CJEU referrals relating to VAT, indirect tax (Germany, Italy, UK)

24 Jan - EU: Summary of tax developments (December 2018 and January 2019)

24 Jan - Finland: Insurance premium tax, location of risk (CJEU judgment)

23 Jan - Malta: Reduced VAT rate on e-books, reduced rate on transfers of property extended to 2019

21 Jan - Bulgaria: VAT measures effective in 2019

18 Jan - UK: Brexit and practical issues facing businesses (KPMG podcast)

18 Jan - UK: Stamp duty surcharge, unintended consequence for flat (apartment) owners

17 Jan - Czech Republic: R&D allowances, requirement changes proposed

17 Jan - Czech Republic: Receivables transferred under factoring contract subject to VAT

17 Jan - Italy: Interest limitations, exit tax, CFC rules among ATAD provisions

17 Jan - Sweden: New reporting requirements for monthly employer tax returns

17 Jan - Switzerland: New customs compliance requirements for authorized consignors/consignees (ZV/ZE)

16 Jan - EU: Qualified majority voting extended to all EU tax policies by 2025

15 Jan - OECD: Comparisons of corporate tax revenue, tax rates

15 Jan - Poland: VAT amendments effective beginning 2019

11 Jan - Italy: Tax measures in Budget Law 2019

11 Jan - Netherlands: Foundations and associations to publish donations, financial data

11 Jan - Poland: Certain withholding tax measures temporarily postponed

11 Jan - Sweden: Deductibility of losses from foreign subsidiaries; CJEU Advocate General concludes losses were not final

11 Jan - Sweden: Challenges in complying with new “gambling tax” (excise tax)

11 Jan - UK: Change in functional currency resulting in foreign exchange loss (Upper Tribunal decision)

11 Jan - UK: “Entrepreneurs’ relief” for shareholders not meeting new profits and assets tests

11 Jan - UK: New administrative requirements for corporation tax loss relief

11 Jan - UK: Update on Finance Bill 2018-19, House of Commons report stage completed

10 Jan - EU: Tax rulings granted by Netherlands to multinational corporation, EC state aid investigation opened

10 Jan - Netherlands: New VAT rules for vouchers, stamps, tokens

9 Jan - Netherlands: Dutch transitional rules for UK expats pending “Brexit”

9 Jan - Serbia: New customs law, effective in 2019

8 Jan - EU: EC decisions recommending taxation of ports in Italy and Spain

8 Jan - Slovakia: Tax calendar for 2019

4 Jan - UK: Tax treatment of intangible assets, amendments to Finance Bill 2018-19

4 Jan - UK: VAT “making tax digital” six-month deferral requires HMRC confirmation

3 Jan - Netherlands: Corrections for final VAT return for 2018

2 Jan - EU: Directive addressing corporate tax avoidance effective beginning 2019

2 Jan - Greece: Corporate tax rate reduction, other measures for 2019

2 Jan - Italy: “Web tax” update; no changes to VAT rates

2 Jan - Spain: Use tax reporting, tourism-related services for holiday property rentals

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