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CEO outlook

Key findings

Key findings

Uncharted waters

Confidence in the global economy is falling — and disruption is mounting

  • Dynamic risk landscape Climate change rises up the risk agenda, from fourth in 2018 to the number one risk this year. In Belgium, Cyber Security risk remains the number one threat to growth for CEOs.
  • Conflicting global outlook In four major economies — Australia, the UK, France and China — less than half of CEOs are confident in growth prospects for the global economy
  • New competitive age Today, 63 percent (64% in Belgium) of CEOs say that rather than waiting to be disrupted, their organization is actively disrupting its sector, up from 54 percent (68% in Belgium) in 2018


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Changing from within

To master resilience, CEOs need to drive an organization-wide digital reinvention

  • Cyber resilience In 2019, 69 percent (48% in Belgium) of CEOs say that a strong cyber strategy is critical to building trust with key stakeholders, up from 55 percent (28% in Belgium) in 2018
  • Workforce 4.0 44 percent (20% in Belgium) of CEOs plan to upskill more than half of their entire workforce, but less than a third (32 percent) prioritize workforce investments over technology investments
  • Technology 4.0 Only 16 percent (20% in Belgium) of organizations have already implemented AI in the automation of some of their processes


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Leading in uncertain times

To be resilient, CEOs must apply constant pressure to change and adapt

  • Agile or irrelevant 67 percent (60% in Belgium) of CEOs say that acting with agility is the new currency of business and being too slow risks bankruptcy; up from 59 percent (32% in Belgium) in 2018
  • The innovation disconnect 84 percent (76% in Belgium) of CEOs say they want a culture where it is accepted that errors and mistakes are part of the innovation process, but only 56 percent (40% in Belgium) say that culture is in place
  • C-suite reboot 84 percent (72% in Belgium) are actively transforming their leadership team to build resilience


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The evolution of the CEO

Resilient CEOs need to be agile, adaptive and willing to challenge the status quo

  • A new playbook 67 percent (72% in Belgium) say that the need to act with agility has increased as the average tenure of a CEO is decreasing
  • Evolving mindsets 74 percent (68% in Belgium) say they had a significant misstep early in their careers that they were able to overcome


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