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smart, future-oriented government

Moving towards a smart, future-oriented gov't.

Moving towards a smart, future-oriented gov't.

The federal and regional elections in May will lead to new government agreements, setting the tone for the next five years. On the one hand, five years is a long time in which many evolutions can and will take place on an economic, technological and social level. On the other hand, five years are over in a flash. Those who wait and fail to anticipate these evolutions will miss the boat.

That is why it is important that the government does not sit still. It must continue to adapt to these changing circumstances. We are convinced that incremental changes in policy and organization are no longer enough now that globalization and digitalization are changing our society in a way and at a pace that are unprecedented.

Three government focus areas

In 2019, the digital economy is fueled by data. This vision document aims to present a number of guidelines for what we consider the most important challenges in the public sector. The emphasis is on what we can and wish to contribute to policy makers at the federal and regional levels in the coming years.

1. A smart and data-driven policy

To make good decisions in the interest of society as a whole, the government must have accurate and up-to-date data: we see making the public sector more data-driven as our first focus area.

2. Increased agility and integration

To optimize efficient, quality support of citizens and businesses, it is crucial that public administrations work together as much as possible: greater agility and more integration of services are therefore indispensable.

3. A customer-oriented digital approach

The digital revolution is changing our lives. Nobody will deny that we have now entered the era of the fourth industrial revolution. We believe that the digital transformation should be driven primarily by the user, the citizen, the entrepreneur, and only then followed by the organization, and the government. Customer focus is key: citizens and companies expect their public services to be digitized to the same level at which they themselves operate.

Read below our full vision document on challenges in the public sector in Dutch or French.

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