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The immortal company

The immortal company

Entrepreneurship is (...)

Entrepreneurship is having an idea and the conviction it will work.

Entrepreneurship is passion.

Entrepreneurship is daring to expand boundaries and take risks.

Entrepreneurship is drawing up a business plan, identifying capital sources, coordinating compliance, etc.

Of course this is all true. But how do entrepreneurs experience this variety of processes, requirements and feelings themselves?

We want to let the entrepreneurs speak for themselves, by way of this new podcast. We will let you hear about their successes, as well as their difficult moments, their frustrations and the life lessons they learned and which they want to share. We will avoid using the fashionable jargon - which we are sometimes guilty of employing – and simply let the entrepreneurs explain their triumphs and failures in simple, clear, down-to-earth language.

Because successful entrepreneurship is, above all –as experienced entrepreneur and marketer Fons Van Dyck put it aptly in our first podcast – “keeping the desire: day after day.” Benjamin Eysermans, the young founder of Bao Living, describes his first years as an entrepreneur like riding an “emotional roller coaster.”

Entrepreneurs tell us, in their own words, about the challenges they face. How digitization has thoroughly disrupted their operations. How a strategy of sustainable thinking opens up new opportunities. And why a corporate culture - "what we stand for” - has so much more impact than management techniques.

We let entrepreneurs have their say. Because our task as business advisors is, first and foremost, to listen and understand the motivations that drive entrepreneurs. Only then can we provide companies with tailor-made advice towards further growth, development of their internationalization strategy, their search for partners and financing and in their digital transformation.

We want this podcast to offer insights into the minds of real flesh and blood entrepreneurs. Even in these times of digital transformation, where technology can make doing business easier by automating a variety of tasks, allowing entrepreneurs to focus more on creativity and initiatives to grow their enterprise. It is still people who are central to business success.

We wish you a lot of listening pleasure, and hopefully you’ll also feel like starting a business yourself.


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