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Case Study: Shoe retailer’s business

Case Study

Case Study

Client challenge

Understanding real, complex challenges specific to the fashion retailing industry and business model.

  • In 2017, our client redefined the strategic directions for ensuring the future viability of their business model
  • Therein the digitalization and changing customer behaviors with significant impact on business model may have not been considered enough

Tangible impact

Central focus on delivering real business value to achieve the desired outcomes of specific buyers.

  • Redefined vision, strategy and business model
  • Redefined value proposition and designed customer experience strategy
  • Omni shopping preferences, motivations and behaviors across
    key personas
  • Reviewed and adapted roadmap to achieving omni-channel-excellence

How we helped

Bringing an outside-in perspective and providing innovative solutions to complex market issues.

  • Maturity assessment based on customer-connected enterprise competencies and setting the aspirational levels supported by learning journeys to Retailers in UK for the to-be state
  • Definition of digital business vision, strategy and new business model
  • Evaluation and prioritization of gaps and review of existing and derivation of new key strategic projects to close gaps on a roadmap until 2022

The KPMG difference

Aligning cross-functional capabilities and people to bring lasting, leading class solutions.

  • Thought leadership in customer experience (8 years ongoing large scale research with coverage of 17 markets)
  • Retail competence combined with digitalization and D&A expertise
  • State of the art and innovative change management and agile approach by “Heitger Consulting – Essential Change and Leadership by KPMG”

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