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Privacy Spotlight

Privacy Spotlight

Privacy Spotlight

Welcome to our quarterly newsletter on all things privacy and data protection!

As we issued this newsletter, the GDPR, despite the commotion caused in the period leading up to May 25th, is still merely a 5-month old taking its first steps on to the European, not to mention world, stage. While privacy professionals have a good grip on what this means in terms of new housekeeping rules for private sector companies and public organizations, time is still needed for the dust of this legislative paradigm shift to settle. In the meantime, we ponder the teething issues on the horizon, as the GDPR matures into a piece of legislation that will be considered “business as usual". Certainly, the very nature of data protection means that the GDPR is likely to be updated and transformed many times over to stay current with technology and other related pieces of legislation, the draft e-Privacy Regulation being one example.

With this newsletter we shine the spotlight on the latest developments from the changing field of data protection and highlight current trends in privacy technology for our readers.

Happy reading!

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