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KPMG Matchi

KPMG Matchi

More than ever before, large organizations are looking at new technology providers as a source for innovation and collaboration to accelerate. This is taking place in many sectors, including Fintech, Insurtech, Health, Logistics and Automotive, to name but a few. KPMG Matchi wants to help your organisation in finding the right tech partner for your needs.  This can help you create an effective proof-of-concept, evolve towards a successful implementation and strive for a faster time to market and increased return on investment.

Matchi’s Innovation Matchmaking services and portal are a bridge to implementable technology solutions for your problems from a global pool. Our analysts are readily available to help you to define your key focus areas and assist you to source targeted, implementable solutions. KPMG has developed a range of services to connect your organisation with emerging technology solutions that are market-ready and relevant.

  • Trend Reports: We send regular trend briefings aligned to your priorities.
  • Global Market Scans: We’ll scan the globe to find what you’re looking for (4 weeks)
  • Global Innovation Challenge: A public call for responses to your key opportunities (8 weeks)


KPMG Matchi is a global solution of KPMG that will be executed by the local KPMG innovation team. For more information on the Matchi platform and services, you can visit the Matchi website.

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