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KPMG Innovation Factory

KPMG Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory is a great way to tap in to the collective brainpower of everyone inside or even outside the organization (crowdsourcing). In an exciting way, large populations or small expert groups are engaged and involved to share and enrich ideas and thereby address the challenges the organization faces. Innovation Factory is supported by a well-established idea management software and methodology.

Innovation Factory in a nutshell:

  • The innovation sponsors select the challenge for the organisation that they would like to target. In addition, they will gather an internal coaching team.
  • The internal coaching team is trained and guided by KPMG coaches.
  • During a four week online innovation campaign, both internal and external stakeholders can participate in the generation of innovative ideas. Ideas will grow because of the collaboration across disciplines and networks which enables cross-pollination of knowledge sharing.
  • A proven, structured and transparent idea selection process selects a short-list of the most promising ideas. The selected idea owners will generate a business case that they will present to the decision makers. The decision makers decide which ideas will be implemented in the organisation.
  • The innovation challenge project is supported by tested tools, methodologies and templates (business cases, communication plan,…) that are tailored to the needs of the company.

Your benefits

  • Achieve visible shared results within in a 3 month innovation campaign.
  • Tackle urgent and relevant topics by tapping into the collective brainpower as well inside as outside your organisation.
  • Create a broad commitment and support for innovation and idea-driven change.
  • Open up your innovation process and involve external stakeholders from your innovation ecosystem.
  • Engage and involve experts in your innovation process, regardless of function, hierarchy, department or geography.
  • Cross departmental cooperation breaks silos.
  • Assuring personal recognition for all contributors.


Innovation Factory projects are supported by an easy to use platform, delivered as a ‘software as a service’ model. The thought-out user design and user experience of our software ensures adoption and willingness to participate.

Innovation Factory projects will be executed by the local KPMG innovation team. For more information on the internationally used Innovation Factory software, you can visit the Innovation Factory website.

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