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Innovation Maturity Assessment

Innovation Maturity Assessment

If you would like to innovate within your organisation, you have to start with an assessment of your current situation. Based on the Innovation Maturity Assessment, we will help you develop a concrete action plan to improve the innovative maturity of your organisation. 

KPMG’s Innovation Maturity Assessment is based on a structural framework. The maturity assessment explores the different areas of this innovation framework. This assessment gives a clear view of the innovative capabilities of your organisation. The assessment is based on the following framework:

Innovation Assessment Framework

The Innovation Maturity Assessment shows which elements within the organization help to make innovation possible and provides key points on which your organisation can improve. Based on these points, we define concrete development actions to improve your innovative capabilities. The results of this assessment can be compared to the maturity of leading practices and/or organisations within your sector.

Depending on your company’s current situation, KPMG offers the choice between two types of Innovation Maturity Assessments:

Innovation Maturity Assessment Game:

The Innovation Maturity Assessment Game is a workshop in which a group of key people is brought together. During the game, an interesting group discussion is held together with the KPMG innovation experts. The group conversation leads to a clear view on the innovation maturity of the company. The workshop also delivers clear key development points that are supported by the team.

Innovation Online Maturity Assessment:

Based on the input of a large amount of employees in the online Innovation Maturity Assessment, a clear view on the innovation maturity of the company is obtained. This maturity assessment will identify general development points which allows your company to focus innovation efforts.

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