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How we can help

How we can help

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KPMG has identified eight fundamental capabilities that will help you align your organization and become connected.

1. Product, pricing and customer strategy:

The ability to deliver relevant, valuable and differentiated products and services that are targeted to the most profitable customer segments and meet demand while balancing cost to serve.

2. Experience centricity:

The ability to design and deliver a seamless and personal customer experiences that continually meet evolving expectations across all physical and digital touch points to drive engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Responsive supply chain and operations:

The ability for a customer to select, receive and return products/services when, where and how it is convenient for them and in a way that is enabled through advanced, analytics-driven demand planning, inventory management, distribution and operations.

4. Seamless commerce:

The ability to execute products/services transactional activities seamlessly across distribution, engagement, and servicing touchpoints consistent with the intended customer experience and performance ambitions.

5. Partnerships, alliances and vendor management:

The ability to effectively leverage third-party entities to access new markets or customers, increase speed to market, reduce costs, or supplement capability gaps while ensuring consistency and managing risk across the customer experience.

6. Advanced data and analytics

The ability to enable and activate a data, analytics and insights-driven culture that leverages integrated, single view of customer and product to deliver an optimal experience across all touch points while addressing customer data integrity, privacy and security. 

7. Technology architecture and enablement

The ability to leverage technology systems and expertise to effectively and efficiently deliver cross-channel experiences, provide employees with enabling tools and maintain information privacy and security.

8. Organization alignment and people capability

The ability for an organization to marry outside-in with inside-out experience management processes, capabilities, and knowledge, including top-down executive vision, matrixed and agile organizational structures and integrated, aligned performance management. 

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