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Finding new sources of talent Finding new sources of talent

There is no singular approach to handling an increasing talent shortage for intelligent automation technologies, the recent report, Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation, found. Business leaders indicated that they rely on a multifaceted approach to addressing this challenge. Retraining and reskilling of existing staff was rated as the number one method, cited by three-quarters of those surveyed. But often, retraining is easier said than done effectively. Competition for talent is fierce and the talent available is often quite expensive, particularly for artificial intelligence. Engaging consultants and hiring externally is an additional means to infuse expertise internally; a solution pinpointed by two-thirds of respondents. Use of outsourcing providers, or hiring from crowdsourcing or use of contingent labor were also cited, though less often, as a means to augment talent needs.

No singular approach to accessing IA talent - Info-graphic

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