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Adoption on the rise Adoption on the rise

Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation, a new report by KPMG International and HFS Research, found most organizations are investing in the full spectrum of intelligent automation technologies, typically prioritizing RPA, but also more frequently exploring machine learning and artificial intelligence opportunities. The study found that two-thirds of respondents are adopting many elements of IA. This ranges from piloting and implementing to scaling up and institutionalizing best practices.

The technology being experimented with or piloted the most is the field of artificial intelligence, earmarked by 36 percent of respondents. Respondents said that machine learning and smart analytics were the AI technologies being implemented the most, with each receiving 31 percent of responses. Smart analytics was flagged at the top as most scaled while robotics process automation was at the bottom rung, a surprisingly low result given its role as a gateway technology. Overall, only 17 percent on average responded that they have scaled up or industrialized IA technologies. Moreover, another 30 percent of respondent organizations are opting not to invest or are unsure of their plans for IA.

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