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YouthStart, empowering youth

YouthStart, empowering youth

YouthStart, empowering youth

Education and entrepreneurial spirit are important pillars of our strategy. We will continue to work closely with YouthStart to develop the talents and entrepreneurial skills of youth and young adults.

YouthStart is a non-profit organization focusing on integrating youth and young adults experiencing difficulties in the professional & social world. YouthStart’s mission is to teach opportunity-seeking young individuals entrepreneurial skills, offering them the possibility to realize their ambitions.


During an 8-day training, these youngsters acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial mindset, in a pleasant environment. As a result, a positive and productive direction is given to their lives.

Following the program of hands-on training and motivational coaching sessions, a juried certification ceremony is held, during which these youngsters present their business cases. As a sponsor of YouthStart we also have the opportunity to be a part of the jury at the certification ceremony where we can further share our insights, an exciting moment for the young adults as well as for the trainers and the jury members.

The result? Impact! Following these trainings, more than 80% of the YouthStart alumni go back to school, start to work or start their own businesses.

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