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Meet the committee interview - Olivier Vanneste

Meet the committee interview - Olivier Vanneste

Meet the committee interview - Olivier Vanneste

Where in KPMG do you work and what is your function?

I’m a Partner in the KPMG Reward Practice, part of the tax department. In our Reward Practice, we assist and advise companies in the compensation & benefits of their employees.

What is your specialization?

I am passionate about Flexible Reward and Mobility, where employees can choose between mobility options and / or benefits according to their personal needs and preferences. One of the key challenges for companies is the recruitment and retention of employees. It’s therefore crucial that they offer an attractive and flexible reward package to their employees. At KPMG, we have a one-stop-shop for the implementation of Flexible Reward Plans, covering tax, legal, HR and IT aspects. We have a very attractive web based tool where employees can compose their own compensation & mobility package and immediately see the impact of their choice on their net salary. At the same time, we limit the administrative burden for the employer by automating all the processes.

What is the most interesting evolution in your job at the moment?

A Flexible Reward Plan is such a relevant topic, combining new technological evolutions with a changing job market and touches upon many different aspects like tax, legal and IT.
We launched the first version of the web-based tool 4 years ago at KPMG internally and at several client companies since. It’s great to receive their positive feedback post implementation. We’ve continuously worked on further improving the tool and we will soon launch a new version that offers even more possibilities, including the new mobility budget measures of the government.

A Flexible Reward Plan goes so much further than just the tax aspect; it has changed my job significantly. Working at KPMG constantly challenges you because innovation drives our business. It means life-long learning to keep offering added value to our clients, which gives a lot of satisfaction.

Why is an alumni program important for KPMG?

Our employees and our alumni are our most loyal supporters, our ambassadors. It’s essential that we invest in our relationships with them, even after they leave. The purpose of our alumni program is to help our ex-colleagues stay part of the KPMG community, connecting them to KPMG employees, former colleagues and friends and to share our knowledge and insights with them.

A supportive alumni community is part of KPMG’s success. I, personally, have several clients who are KPMG alumni. We stayed in touch after they left the company and doing business together grew organically instead of through hard selling.

How can KPMG strengthen its connection with alumni even more?

We need to make our alumni feel like they are still a part of the KPMG community. We need to offer our alumni more than we ask from them, and we’ll get much more in return. We already share insights, keep alumni up to date on company news and organize alumni events, but we want to do more.

Once the external alumni website is finished, we’ll be able to do that. The directory will allow alumni to connect with each other easily, they will be able to share career opportunities and we can communicate more about company news.

In the meantime, we will organize more events for our alumni – not limited to our annual cocktail – where they can also gain business expertise. We want to show our alumni we value them and make sure they benefit from our efforts.

We want people to be KPMG Ambassadors, what does that mean for you?

Each employee and alumni should feel part of the KPMG community. This means they are proud of the company and its achievements, feel invested and connected with others. I think it’s important each employee invests in his own network. Working together creates a bond between people and keeping in touch is rewarding, regardless of business opportunities. By investing in these relationships, contacting alumni on a regular basis, inviting people to seminars or receptions, we forge friendships and simultaneously offer added value. If everyone feels positively about the company, we can only benefit - personally and professionally.


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