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KPMG once again Top Employer in Belgium in 2019

KPMG once again Top Employer in Belgium in 2019

KPMG once again Top Employer in Belgium in 2019

KPMG once again Top Employer in Belgium in 2019

In 2019, KPMG is once again chosen as one of the best employers in our country, the so-called group of "Top Employers”. The Top Employer Institute conducts an independent survey each year, which included 64 Belgian employers this time around. The results offer insights into various aspects of HR policy, ranging from salary and benefits to training and development.

KPMG continuously strives to improve working conditions for its employees and to nurture talent in all phases of an employee's career. Innovative solutions and flexible remuneration plans that help employees to determine and follow their preferred way of working are an integral part of this strategy.

People – the key to success

Koen Maerevoet, CEO of KPMG in Belgium, is delighted with the nomination: "Our employees are the key to our success; KPMG's brand name is no stronger than the people we rely on. Since our aim is to present the best possible people to our clients, both now and in the future, finding and retaining the best talent remains an ongoing challenge. In a world that is becoming ever more global and digital by the minute, we will continue to seek out a wide range of talented individuals and profiles. More specifically, we are not only looking for people with an economic, fiscal, or legal background but – more than ever before – technologically trained specialists in fields such as data and artificial intelligence. Social and political developments such as Brexit and the escalation of trade conflicts are also motivating us to recruit more experts in areas such as customs legislation."

KPMG is also investing in the work environment and mobility of its employees: "Last year we moved to new offices in Zaventem, Antwerp-Berchem and Hasselt. Our mobility plan, which provides our employees with an incentive of 5 euros per day to travel to the office or to a client via alternative means of transport, is also bearing fruit. In 12 months, the workforce as a whole has traveled 1,65 million kilometers fewer by car, which contributes significantly to reducing traffic jams in our country and cutting CO2 emissions by over 170 tons.”

From onboarding to alumni bonding

One of the keys to success of KPMG's HR policy is the focus on development and coaching throughout the employee's entire career. Karine Vandenberghe, HR Director at KPMG Belgium: "Effective onboarding and motivated coaches enable us to ensure that new employees can start working as soon as possible, can quickly receive answers to their questions, and have access to appropriate coaching and supervision. We invest in our employee's personal development and in strengthening their leadership abilities throughout their entire career. Thanks to our alumni programs, we make sure our employees remain connected to KPMG long after they have left our employment. For us, HR is not a single department or a single evaluation during the year, but rather the cumulative result of ongoing efforts as part of a 360-degree approach in which the entire team is involved."

It goes without saying, then, that KPMG will continue to invest time and effort into innovative HR policies long into the future: "Of course, we seek to keep reinforcing our strong points. In addition, we aim to continue along the path we have already chosen and, in the coming months and years, focus even more on promoting inclusiveness and diversity, providing a varied package of remuneration and benefits, and motivating our people to help us realize our corporate social responsibility goals. We have noticed that our impact on society is a very important issue for our employees,'' concludes Vandenberghe.


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