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Interview - Victor Groza

Interview - Victor Groza

Victor Groza shares his experience.


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Interview - Victor Groza

What is your job at KPMG?

I’m Senior Manager in Technology Advisory. I currently manage the ‘3PM services’ that stands for Project Portfolio, Program and Project Management Services. I manage two dimensions within these services.

The first dimension of my professional challenges is developing 3PM services and the go-to-market for services like:

  • Project Portfolio Management: How do we manage the portfolio of projects and their alignment to the company’s objectives?
  • Assisting organizations to adopt Agile delivery methods, which allows them to become more agile and improve their time-to-market. In this context, we collaborate with the People & Change colleagues from Management Consulting.
  • Independent Program Assurance, where we review key problems on projects – are they on track, are they delivering, is the governance right, will they achieve the originally planned goals? Subsequently this also means implementing remedial actions where needed.


A second dimension of my professional responsibility is around competency development. Our people need to have Project Management skills. We strongly believe that this should be a competency for all employees instead of a select few. It will contribute to a successful delivery of a growing number of larger projects that we manage, as well as projects of a smaller magnitude. By further developing our competency curriculum, we ensure we continue to teach our employees the KPMG project management methodology and how the leading market practices in Project Management are reflected in this methodology.

These elements are the main focus of my job at the moment. I will equally focus my attention to the Connected Enterprise solution within Advisory and my expertise in Digital.

What was your function when you first worked for KPMG? Why did you leave?

I was specialized in Digital with a specific focus for the Financial Services sector, e.g. using digital technology to deliver or sell products and services to the client’s target audience. It was interesting and challenging, because you need a thorough knowledge of technology and industry insight to tailor the message and the service to the needs of the client.

We worked in small groups, which is great to create focus and a strong sense of ownership. On the other hand, I felt that we needed to use a more global approach of working, though, especially because I worked cross-functionally myself. This was my main reason for leaving, even though I still had a great relationship with many people in the firm.

What were you doing after you left?

I lead a team of 22 consultants implementing corporate payment solutions of FIS at top tier corporates in the EMEA region. It was an interesting domain and challenge, with a lot of international flexibility and scope – we operated from 3 locations in Europe and some colleagues even worked for customers in Asia.

What brought you back to KPMG?

What I started to miss was striving to deliver value to clients in everything we do and thinking “client first”. At KPMG, we structure and develop our services around client needs while striving for a high level of quality. Having worked in management consultancy most of my professional career, I missed this dynamic environment and a multi-disciplinary mindset.

In the meantime, KPMG had increased its focus on collaboration across the service lines, changing the way it works as a company, which is exactly what I wanted. This sounded like a perfect time to come back.

Since working at KPMG, many professional relationships had evolved into friendships. I stayed in touch with several former colleagues and received quite a few phone calls as soon as they heard I was open to coming back to KPMG. It was great to feel that people cared which convinced me to come back. The biggest strength of KPMG is its people and coming back was like coming home.

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