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Idea implementation

Idea implementation

Idea implementation

Sitting on a goldmine of innovative ideas, but no clue how to implement them in an efficient and effective way? KPMG can help you set up a program that turns new ideas into concrete actions. Our portfolio approach and agile way of working aim to quickly create tangible results. New ideas are tested and validated immediately and only the most promising concepts go forward. 

Together with you, KPMG will set up an idea implementation program for your organization. Within this program, different implementation teams are created to focus on the development of promising ideas. The teams are coached and trained by KPMG in diverse methodologies and techniques. This ensures that the teams have the right skillset for every part of the idea implementation. The idea implementation teams are internal teams within your organization, supported by a KPMG Innovation coach. Furthermore, KPMG can provide core competences and knowledge for product and service development (data scientists, product designers, developers,…) to accompany the idea implementation team.

The idea implementation program consists of different phases. After every phase the idea will be challenged to see if it meets the innovation criteria. If an idea is not performing as expected, the idea will leave the innovation process. This way of working ensures that only the most promising ideas are launched within your organization and/or to the costumer. 

Every phase of the idea implementation process uses different techniques. In the first phase of making a mockup of the idea, the idea implementation team uses the design thinking techniques. In the next phase, a prototype is built with the Lean Start-up methodology. If a product or an idea gets approval based upon this prototype, the team will create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) within an Agile working environment. The MVP is then launched within your organization and/or to the costumer while the team creates additional features. During the idea implementation process, KPMG will coach and train the idea implementation teams to master the relevant techniques and methodologies.


To properly organize the idea implementation projects that are ongoing, KPMG uses a pipeline visualization. In this dashboard, KPMG helps you to get a clear overview and insight into the status and budget of your innovation projects. The according innovation portfolio approach will give a clear decision making process to the organization. It will allow your organization to create a steady flow of ideas and also discard ideas with less potential, as not to waste valuable resources and time. This way of working ensures that only the most promising ideas are launched.

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