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KPMG’s cryptoasset framework

KPMG’s cryptoasset framework

KPMG’s cryptoasset framework

In working with startups, exchanges and large financial services organizations, KPMG's Cryptoasset practice has developed a crossfunctional framework that helps a crypto business scale while addressing the key challenges discussed previously.

KPMG's framework that has been applied successfully to several advanced crypto projects and businesses. This framework comprises of key capabilities required for a crypto business covering strategy, technology, operations, cybersecurity, risk management, finance and compliance to help them on the road to institutionalization.

The framework categorizes these capabilities under five pillars:

  • Pillar 0  Plan: Strategize the products and services to be provided and establish product-market fit
  • Pillar 1  Onboard: Onboard the cryptoasset and the customer
  • Pillar 2  Service and deliver: Provide support for the servicing andmanagement of cryptoassets
  • Pillar 3  Protect: Secure cryptoassets, protect client confidentiality andmonitor the blockchains
  • Pillar 4  Comply and report: Comply with the applicable regulatory frameworks, financial reporting requirements and taxreporting obligations


Download the KPMG Cryptoasset Framework

KPMG’s cryptoasset framework

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