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KPMG global leader in Procurement Operations Consulting

KPMG leader in Procurement Operations Consulting

KPMG named Vanguard Leader

KPMG global leader in Procurement Operations Consulting

For the third consecutive report since 2015, KPMG’s global network of member firms have been acknowledged as leading global providers of Procurement Operations Consulting by ALM Intelligence. KPMG’s latest evaluation in the 2018 report states:

“KPMG assist clients in improving transparency and process flow through digital tools, such as its recently developed supply chain performance analytics tool, KREO which can process and harmonize data from across different data sources, visualize flexibly as a state-of-the-art front end, and provide immediate transparency – from C-level to in depth-views. This approach leads to improved understanding of the value add of procurement to the C-Suite, and encourages increased integration of procurement as a key lever for business strategy success.”


ALM Vanguard


ALM remarked that “KPMG continues to invest in and grow its procurement operations capability, utilizing strategic alliances to elevate advisory services in response to increasing client demand”, and also stated that KPMG’s “Powered Procurement solution is well received by clients seeking rapid transformation, as the solution streamlines traditional transformation to a five-step methodology. KPMG also continues to develop new digital tools to provide optimized operating models, derived from the firm’s extensive thought leadership research that demonstrates strong insights into industry specific demands within procurement.”

ALM rated KPMG as ‘very strong’ on Needs Assessment, External Market Insight, Operating System; and also scored KPMG as strong on Internal Client Insight, Strategy, Management System, Project Management and Enabling tools.


*KPMG is the network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International


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