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Meet the committee interview - Christophe Habets

Meet the committee interview - Christophe Habets

Meet the committee interview - Christophe Habets

Where at KPMG do you work and what is your function?

I started at KPMG Audit Luxembourg 24 years ago and joined KPMG in Belgium in 2002. I still work in the audit department, in Liège, where I work for both private and public clients. The Liege office is a regional office serving international and local clients, mainly in Southern Belgium.

What is your specialization?

I am specialized in family owned businesses and SME’s, where my role extends far beyond audit. Reactivity and flexibility are the keys to success for such organizations, so they require tailored advice.

What is the most interesting evolution in your field at the moment?

This might sound incredible to young graduates, but when I started working, mobile phones did not exist, I had no laptop and my files were all on paper … Things have changed tremendously. Technology is everywhere now, not only in our daily work or at the client, but also in our private lives.

This digitalization and the upgraded regulatory world makes it more important than ever to think out-of-the-box and to change the way we look at things to bring even more value to our clients.

Why is an alumni program important for KPMG Belgium?

KPMG is really the place to be if you want to keep up to date on the latest technologies and developments. Being part of the KPMG Alumni network may help alumni share and gain knowledge and leading practices and stay informed about the latest business trends. 

But, more importantly in my view, the KPMG Alumni network is the best place for making contacts. It’s great for meeting old friends and former colleagues, but even better for networking. Our world might be highly focused on technology, but face-to-face contacts are more important than ever. Direct contacts can help the outside world better understand our services and the depth of our credentials. And can equally help our alumni and their businesses to continue to grow. 

I noticed alumni often further developed skills and competencies outside KPMG, where we both find a common interest. In some cases this can even lead to alumni rejoining KPMG - which is a win-win situation!

How can KPMG strengthen its connection with alumni even more?

I think we already increased our communication via social media, internet, mails, etc... Also, our national alumni event remains a must. Witnessing the growth of our regional offices, I would like to see more regional alumni events to develop our alumni connections even more.

We want people to be KPMG Ambassadors, what does that mean for you?

Being a KPMG ambassador helps me to

  1. Inform my own network better on the potential and services KPMG is offering
  2. Continue to grow my network
  3. Represent and share the KPMG values

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