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Our global transfer pricing network

Our global transfer pricing network

Our global transfer pricing network

KPMG is a global network of professional member firms with transfer pricing professionals in Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific. Thanks to this network and its centralized approach, KPMG can provide you with high-value services and advice to help you enhance your transfer pricing process and make it more efficient.

KPMG’s transfer pricing practice has a strong track record of pragmatic assistance and advice on developing and implementing transfer pricing strategies that deliver tax and risk management benefits. Our team of skilled economic, legal, financial and taxation experts can help you design a flexible transfer pricing strategy that balances opportunity and risk management and weighs effective tax-rate reductions against tax authority challenges and the costs of compliance.

Our professionals are familiar with the approaches local tax authorities typically use in reviewing transfer pricing documentation. We leverage this knowledge when working with you to determine the right approach for your circumstances and perception of the risks involved. 

Our process for negotiating unilateral / bilateral / multilateral APAs draws on seasoned professionals throughout our global network of member firms. Our highly experienced economists can advise on arguments that are intellectually robust and economically sound.

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