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Culture and strategy

Culture and strategy

It doesn't matter how fast you run if you're on the wrong track


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Companies are boosting margins, customer centricity, agility and efficiency by replacing or augmenting some human activities with technology, and by shifting technology into the cloud. They have to do this to survive and thrive in a world where they face sustained margin pressures, shorter strategy cycles, new disruptive competitors and increased expectations from customers.

In an age of disruption and volatility, manufacturers, retailers and platform businesses need to experiment, become more agile and focus on growth, says Nicholas Griffin, Head of the Global Strategy Group at KPMG International.

The 2018 Top of Mind Survey finds an industry aggressively navigating a sea of change, where half of retailers and manufacturers are radically rethinking their strategy, culture and processes.

Business strategic priorities

Chart: Business strategic priorities

Source: 2018 Top of Mind Survey

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2018 Top of Mind Survey

2018 Top of Mind Survey

Top of mind topics and trends according to 530 consumer and retail executives from around the world

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