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Why we are committed to your privacy

Why we are committed to your privacy Why we are committed to your privacy

Why we are committed to your privacy

Our policy on implementing the GDPR

May 25th is approaching – the day the GDPR will go into effect across the European Union. The General Data Protection Regulation will cover data protection and privacy for all individuals in the EU. With a primary aim of transferring the control of personal data back to the people, a unified regulation also means a simplified regulatory environment for international business. It will address the export of personal data beyond the EU and will evidently impact doing business within Europe and worldwide. 

At KPMG, we believe this new approach represents a significant step forward in the empowerment of individual privacy rights. This regulatory shift in the collection and processing of personal data will undoubtedly set the bar for data security, across the world.

We are strongly committed to implementing the GDPR, both for our clients and within KPMG. We see the GDPR as an opportunity, not a threat, and one that fully reflects Our Values.

Across all our services we are working hard to implement the requirements of this new regulation, and to further strengthen our existing privacy and data security standards. Our revived approach dives into every aspect of our day to day business and builds toward serving our clients through protection, transparency and accountability. 

For more information, you can read our full Privacy Statement here.

The GDPR will undoubtedly evoke a new way of working; one that extends to our daily interactions with clients and with the public at large; one where everyone plays an equally important role. And we are convinced that together we can make this story one of success. 

Koen Maerevoet,
Senior Partner, KPMG in Belgium

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