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Where do I sit?

What does this mean?

From an operational point of view your need for reliable information technology is low, while from a strategic point of view, your need for new information technology is also of less importance. In other words, IT plays a defensive role in your organization and is mainly used to support your employees' activities. If technology malfunctions, it won’t cripple your business as most of your work is done manually. Lastly, your reliance on high-speed internet is less critical.

Your ideal governance structure

Based on the low strategic impact of technology in your organization, the audit committee can take up the IT oversight role as part of its duties to increase board-level IT governance. With the support of a technology expert, questions such as “Has the strategic importance of IT in our organization changed?” and “How is the competition approaching IT?” should be addressed to the Board. Your governance structure should ensure the continuous smooth running of technology within your organization.

How can we help?

As your need for reliable and new information technology is low, you should focus on ensuring the continuous smooth running of technology within your organization. This means that you should invest your energy into making sure that your technology machine is well oiled and money is not being wasted chasing after the latest fad in new technology.   

Based on your results, see below how KPMG can help your organization in setting up the appropriate governance structure and in identifying the critical questions to ask. 


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