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Strategic mode

Strategic Mode

Where do I sit?

What does this mean?

From an operational point of view your need for reliable information technology is high, and from a strategic point of view, your need for new information technology is also of high importance. In other words, IT plays an offensive role in your organization as new and innovative technology governs your market strategy but also impacts the way you run your daily operations. Investment in technology takes a big chunk out of your budget as new technology could potentially reduce costs, optimize processes and increase your competitive advantage.

Your ideal governance structure

Based on the high strategic impact of technology in your organization, board-level IT governance is critical for you. To support your board, an IT “strategy committee” should be set-up to provide direction and help agree on business priorities when it comes to technology investments. Moreover, ideally, the Chairperson should be a technology expert able to address questions such as “Are our strategic IT development plans proceeding as required?” and “Do we regularly benchmark to maintain our competitive cost structure?”. Ensuring a close and open relationship to the audit committee is also recommended to monitor overlap between technological, economic and regulatory matters. 

How can we help?

From an operational and strategic point of view, IT plays a critical role in your organization. Based on your mode, board-level engagement should be at the center of your IT governance.

Based on your results, see below how KPMG can help your organization in setting up the appropriate governance structure and in identifying the critical questions to ask. 


Service line
Ensure your organisation is cyber attack proof. Prevent & Protect Cyber in the boardroom
Align resources and activities to meet your organizational objectives and strategies while helping maximize portfolio potential and reduce risk. Optimize & Transform Project and program management
Find the full potential in your IT investments. Optimize & Transform Optimize IT investments
Be ready for the robots. Data & Insights Process analytics
Be aware of the disruptive technologies and changing stakeholder expectations affecting the IT organization. Technology Innovation Next Generation IT operating Models
Keep on delivering value in this digital disruption environment. Technology Innovation Digital and Omni-Channel
How disruptive technologies and new business models are constantly triggering the reevaluation of business value. Technology Innovation Emerging Technology Risks
Leverage digital innovation in your IT Strategy, Governance and Technology Operating Model. Optimize & Transform IT Strategy & Management - IT Strategy, Governance & TOM
Align your technology-enabled program and project portfolio with strategic objectives. Optimize & Transform IT Strategy & Management - Portfolio and Benefits Management
Responsibly manage the enterprise wide risks resulting from the adoption and implementation of new and emerging technologies. Technology innovation Emerging Technology Risks
Providing assurance to your clients and regulators on how to manage your IT related risks and compliance requirements. Prevent & Protect IT Attestation services 
Become a digital strategic leader. Optimize & Transform
Build digital leadership skills for the board Optimize & Transform Board Level IT Governance