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Instinct Over Data

Instinct Over Data

Instinct Over Data

Growth through investments, innovation and recruiting

Putting instinct over data In an environment where customer demands are constantly changing, new technologies are emerging and new competitive threats are surfacing, acting with agility is the dominant currency of business.

To achieve agility and move at digital speed, many organizations are investing in innovation networks and  collaborations with startups. However, many are also failing to see results from those investments. CEOs need to focus on driving value from their networks and play a leadership role in overcoming critical barriers, such as cultural challenges. Agility is also about being able to spot new opportunities, and effectively using sophisticated data and analytics — including predictive and prescriptive analytics — will be key. High-performing CEOs will be those who can marry their experience and intuition with data-driven insight.

With CEOs still prizing intuition over data-driven fact, leaders need to work with their insight teams to ensure that data and analytics efforts are focused on the most valuable opportunities and that the new forms of data that underpin their models can be trusted.

Instinct over data
Enrique Díaz-Rato

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