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Growth Headwinds

Growth Headwinds

Growth Headwinds

Optimistic macroeconomic outlook

Belgian CEOs are self-assured about the prospects for growth of their own companies: 96% expect that their firm will grow in the coming three years. This means that our CEOs are slightly more positive minded than the worldwide average (90%) and the average in the Benelux (80%). Nevertheless, they are modest when it comes to the growth figures: only 16% believe that the turnover of their company will rise by more than 2% (Benelux: 32%, globally: 44%), and 8 % see the number of employees increasing by more than 5% (Benelux: 39%, globally: 37%).

In macro-economic terms, Belgian CEOs have more confidence in the growth of the national economy (84% confidence) than in the world economy (60% confidence).

In global terms, 67% of the CEOs have confidence in worldwide growth and 74% in growth of their national economy. Within the Benelux, we see a similar picture:

63% confidence in growth of the world economy compared to 73% confidence in the national economy.

Geopolitics now has to be seen on par with other strategic challenges and CEOs need to develop their awareness and skills to manage an increasingly Uncertain environment.

- Gary Reader, Global Head of Clients and Markets, KPMG International


After many years of widespread international consensus on globalization, the potential withdrawal from trade agreements by some developed countries, the UK’s decision to exit the EU and the proposed application of tariffs by the US and China show that nationalism is now on the rise.

Threats to Growth

Threats to Growth
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