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Factory Mode

Factory Mode

Where do I sit?

What does this mean?

From an operational point of view your need for reliable information technology is high, while from a strategic point of view, your need for new information technology is of low importance. In other words, IT plays a defensive role in your organization as its reliability has a direct impact on your business continuity. Access to state-of-the-art technology is not as critical as your need for efficient technology as even a brief IT interruption can mean immediate loss of business.

Your ideal governance structure

Based on the low strategic impact of technology in your organization, it is important for your board to keep up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology, but not be too concerned with being the first to place a new technology on the market. Your board should keep an eye on the competition to be prepared to adapt a more aggressive IT strategy if needed. Business continuity is of paramount importance for you so your board needs to ensure that the appropriate processes and security measures are in place. With the audit committee overseeing IT, questions such as “Do we have fast-response processes in place in the event of an attack?” and “Are we protected against possible intellectual property infringement lawsuits?” should be addressed.

How can we help?

In your organization, based on your mode, you should focus on ensuring the continuous smooth running of technology within your organization to avoid any interruption in your business operations. This means that you should invest your energy into highly reliable IT systems that don’t necessarily rely on state-of-the-art technology. 

Based on your results, see below how KPMG can help your organization in setting up the appropriate governance structure and in identifying the critical questions to ask. 


Service line
Ensure your organization's business continuity. Prevent & Protect Information Protection Services
Drive your performance and valuation with Data and Analytics. Data & Insights Data & Analytics
Define and validate the vision statement and translate it into strategic priorities for information management. Data & Insights Information management
Avoid to be surprised by new technologies. Optimize & Transform Using new technologies can make a huge difference for your organization
Find the right enterprise solution according to your organisation. Optimize & Transform
Enterprise solutions
Providing assurance to your clients and regulators on how to manage your IT related risks and compliance requirements. Prevent & Protect IT Attestation services
Improve your IT Strategy. Technology Innovation
IT Strategy & Organization