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Basel 4: Piecing the jigsaw together

Basel 4: Piecing the jigsaw together

What do the full Basel 4 standards mean for banks?


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The final article in our series brings together the full analysis of the series; the new standardised and internal ratings based approaches to credit risk, the impact of the output floor on market risk, operational risk, and credit valuation adjustment risk.

We discuss banks' strategic options to address Basel 4, which are likely to focus primarily on adjusting their product and client portfolios, and on achieving operational efficiencies. While the timing and substance for parts of the EU legislation remain unclear, banks need to start considering the full impact that these could have on their systems and processes, business model and capital.

This article is part of our Basel 4: The way ahead series discussing the Basel 4 standards. To assess the full impact of these final rules, we are leveraging the insights of our global network to publish a series of articles that focus on specific areas affected by the standards. Find the latest articles online here.


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