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Two European Cities in Innovation Hub Top 10

Two European Cities in Innovation Hub Top 10

Two European Cities in Innovation Hub Top 10

According to the Global Technology Innovation report published by KPMG International, London and Berlin are both in the top 10 of innovation hubs (most innovative cities) worldwide. London is in third place, and Berlin rounds off the top 10 in tenth place. 

Top 10

Last year the top 10 contained only cities in the United States and China, but this year, cities in North America, Asia, Europe and Israel are rising up the ranks. Although Brexit is still creating plenty of uncertainty, the capital of the United Kingdom was declared third most innovative city worldwide for the technology sector. The German capital of Berlin rounds off the top 10. For the third year in a row, Shanghai takes first place, followed by Tokyo. 


“Innovation is gradually spreading around the world, with some cities showing huge progress on the one hand, and other hubs still battling macro-economic and infrastructural challenges on the other hand,” says Anthony Van de Ven, Technology Advisory Partner at KPMG in Belgium. “There are many factors that influence the view of a city as an innovation center, for example, a favorable public policy and subsidies, technology centers, investments, new infrastructure and a few popular success stories.” 

Not a single Belgium city made it into the top 10. Van de Ven continues: “It is good news that two European cities have been included in the top 10, but if Europe wants to remain technologically competitive, then we need to invest more in innovation and development.”


Each year, KPMG International carries out research involving more than 750 technology companies worldwide. This year, the report consists of two sections. One section deals with the most innovative cities and countries, and the other examines the most promising technologies. The research was based on a survey of the leaders in the technology sector. They were asked to draw up their shortlist of the top three cities that they regard as the leaders in technological innovation over four years, other than Silicon Valley and San Francisco. 

For more information about this report, click on the PDF link below.

Top 10

1. Shanghai, China Singapore
2. Tokyo, Japan 7. Seoul, South Korea
3. London, UK 8. Bangalore, India

New York, US

Tel Aviv, Israel
5. Beijing, China 10. Berlin, Germany

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