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Profitability improvement and costing

Profitability improvement and costing Profitability  improvement and costing

Intense competition, economic crises and pressure across industries will drive companies to seek deeper savings. However, there is a sense that the “easy” cost savings have already been made and that further efficiencies will require more innovative strategies. KPMG can assist you in correctly allocating costs so you get an accurate view of client/product/channel profitability.  Also, we can provide answers to the following questions and this in different industries :


  • How do we continually drive out cost while maintaining our level of service?
  • What is the total cost of service delivery (Total cost of ownership based on Activity based costing)
  • How do we justify the cost of implementation of a new investment f.ex. IT-Tool?
  • Support your strategic growth ambitions by identifying opportunities for growth – PE lens approach?
  • How do we measure the benefits in ways that are understood by our organization and our customers? Do we succeed in really measuring and monitoring our corporate performance with our objectives in mind?
  • How can we demonstrate value quickly?
  • How do we benchmark our services with external providers? Are we sure that our business processes are ‘best-practice’?
  • Can we better understand and measure “white collar” productivity?
  • Do we know how profitable our products and services are in the market segments in which we are present?


Our team can assist you with a rapid value assessment as well as with a more in-depth exercise on the above.

KPMG has a Global Cost accounting & Management Competence Centre, with representatives in over 30 countries worldwide and its headquarters based in Brussels, assisting clients with various cost accounting & management related challenges.

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