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Integrated finance transformation

Integrated finance transformation

Integrated finance transformation

Driving performance through change

‘The financial department is well positioned to fully utilize potential in times of disruption, but only in close collaboration with other departments. Ultimately, it is always with skills and people that you make the difference.’
Xavier Gabriëls, Head Financial Management


As companies face rapid changes in economic forces, regulatory requirements, customers, competitors and technologies, CEO’s and other corporate executives need their finance leaders to do more than process transactions and provide historical reports. They require a business partner who can help drive corporate strategy, growth, and profitability.

KPMG’s approach to integrated finance transformation seeks to decrease finance’s cost structure while increasing the value it provides to the business. At the core of this approach is teaming and enhancing finance performance with the business’ ability to make critical decisions using strategically applied processes, technologies and tools.

Business transformation depicts the way organizations radically change, usually in an effort to realign their activities with certain strategic objectives. This involves complex changes to service delivery models, people, processes, systems, data/reporting and governance structures. These changes need to be considered and examined in order to produce the desired outcome.


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