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How we can help you transform your finance department

How we can help you transform your finance department

How we can help you transform your finance department

Key considerations and questions you should be asking

‘Financial departments must transform. They should continue to ward over costs, but must also learn to deal with uncertainty and be more forward-looking at the same time.’
Xavier Gabriëls, Head Financial Management


When working towards a successful finance transformation, organization should take into account the following key considerations:

  1. Is there an opportunity to reinvest savings from efficiency initiatives into creating an efficient finance function?
  2. Can you change the focus of your people from data gathering to analysis of information?
  3. Do you have the right people and the right operating model for effective service delivery and processing?
  4. When taking a global view of the finance function, is there duplicated work?
  5. What do you internal clients expect from the finance function?


We help clients achieve leading finance capabilities by being:

  • Value driven: with formalized strategies for defining the target state and expected benefits and a consistent, standardized method for driving value from process improvements to technology enablement.
  • Holistic in approach: taking an A to Z process-centric view of a wide ranging target operating model informed by technology strategy and applying an information driven approach.
  • Accelerated by robust tools: designed to provide faster time to value, support lower risk and leverage the appropriate technology.
  • Business led: with executive sponsorship, project and change management programs and measurements that include benchmarks for continuous improvement.


KPMG’s integrated finance transformation capabilities extend from strategy through execution by encompassing these qualities.



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