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How we can help you face today’s challenges

How we can help you face today’s challenges

How we can help you face today’s challenges

Today, authorities continuously face new challenges. Many companies and organizations in the non-profit sector, as well as public institutions, need to deal with disruptive changes.

Given European integration and the increase in international agreements, governmental organizations are required to modify their internal and external operations to fit the new global reality. Digital transformation also changes institutional structures, not only from within, but also those that govern the relationship between the government and its citizens. Recent developments, especially blockchain and robotics, will fundamentally change these relationships.

What's more: it is not only governments that change. Their 'stakeholders' - citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations - also demand an ever faster, more efficient, and improved service experience. Direct participation in policy by way of new forms of citizen participation, co-creation, and the 'right to challenge' will certainly be part of the governmental processes of tomorrow. 

For this reason, authorities must re-invent themselves in order to deal with all these new challenges. At the same time, there is increased demand for more transparency and public responsibility.

KPMG can support you on all these fronts. We have extensive experience at the different levels of the national public sector: the federal government, the states, and the local authorities. We are also able to call upon an international network. This gives us the ability to integrate 'leading practices' from various countries into the services we provide. 

We have four vertical domains of institutional support:

  • mobility and mobility solutions,
  • transformation in healthcare,
  • expansion of fiscal administration,
  • public safety and complete safety chains. 

Digitalization and the transition to digital administration makes up a fifth, horizontal domain that runs through all of our comprehensive services. We work in this domain not only from a technical perspective - we also anticipate the societal debate and the relationships between the government and its stakeholders.

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