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Finance function performance assessment and benchmarks

Finance function performance assessment and benchmarks

Finance function performance assessment and benchmarks

Identifying potential improvement opportunities

The finance function needs to be connected in order to have enough time to invest in the strategy and stakeholder management. Efficiency of the finance function's assets are key: people, processes and systems including data. Connecting those different dots will improve the performance of the finance department.

KPMG’s benchmarking service helps you identify potential improvement opportunities by comparing detailed financial and operational performance metrics against industry peers and leading practices.

Leverage our proprietary benchmark database of over 700 companies and over 20000 metrics to better understand your current-state financial performance and to provide an enhanced ability to identify, prioritize and monitor organizational effectiveness and cost improvement initiatives.

We put benchmarks in context by collecting case studies from peer companies. This helps you determine the magnitude of the potential change and create practical recommendations for focus and improvement.


We offer your finance function a wide range of metrics in the following areas:

  • Process payroll
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable and expense reimbursement
  • Customer credit and invoicing
  • General accounting and reporting
  • Finance organization
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Planning and Management accounting


Our key differentiators are:

  • Global network, experience and resource.
  • Experience across industries.
  • Integrated recommendations.
  • Solid approach and qualitative delivery.
  • Comprehensive database with more than 144 KPI’s related to finance and up to date data points and credentials.

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