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Finance digitalization

Finance digitalization

Finance digitalization

What digitalization can bring to your organization

As multinationals strive to compete in an ever changing environment, CFO’s are playing an increasingly important role. They are expected to reduce costs, provide more insights to the business and drive profitable growth, all while continuing to manage risk.

But many CFOs have maxed out their savings from labor arbitrage due to overseas wage inflation and are wondering what is next in cost management. They also need to continue enhancing processes to find savings. So where do they go from here?

Regardless of where you stand with regards to outsourcing and service delivery models, digital labor may soon be affecting your finance organization. KPMG is ready to help you realize the significant value these technologies offer. Our holistic approach, from strategy through execution, will assist you in each step of your (finance) automation journey by:


  • Identifying and prioritizing the (finance) areas for automation.
  • Developing a multifaceted strategy and road map for implementing automation in the (finance) organization.
  • Selecting the right providers and partners for your unique needs.
  • Creating a detailed solution architecture and user experience.
  • Building an automation strategies for each use case and configuring bots.
  • Testing and deploying automation tools that integrate with other enterprise systems.
  • Establishing a governance strategy and program to help you realize and maintain the expected value and benefits from your digital labor initiatives.
  • Implementing the preferred automation strategy either through a pilot or completing of multiple process areas simultaneously.
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