Interview - Tamara Leemans | KPMG | BE
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Interview - Tamara Leemans

Interview - Tamara Leemans

On her new role as KPMG Belgium's Chief Digital Officer and how she looks to help shape the future of the firm.


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Interview - Tamara Leemans

You’re a CDO. What does that mean, what do you do?

I’m Chief Digital Officer. At some companies, the ‘D’ stands for ‘Data’ or ‘Disruption’, depending on their focus. In my case it stands for ‘Digital’, it’s a broad approach. Disruption in this industry is imminent and we want to make sure we are using technologies in a way that will help elevate our clients and our own processes. We want to continue to stimulate the evolution we are in. 

My challenge is to make sure that KPMG is aware of what the latest technologies can bring, and how to put them to use. I’m trying to further improve KPMG’s understanding of how machine and man can work together to create value for the company. Technology will allow people to work differently and collaborate more closely. My job is to be the facilitator that makes it happen.

You are the first CDO at KPMG, what do you hope to achieve?

I hope to encourage and facilitate the cultural evolution within the company. Promote an innovative, solution oriented, safe and constructive vibe that makes best use of technologies offered today, to companies like KPMG.

People are aware that change will continue rapidly. So far, colleagues have shown a lot of openness, made suggestions and have given valuable feedback. I’m eager to see what the future will bring.

Do you think there is a need for a focus on ‘Digital’ at KPMG?

There is a need for focus on technology in every company. The power balance between customers and providers is changing. New platforms and the huge amount of data that is being made available is challenging many existing business models and just like any other company, we should not assume that our current business model will last forever. The road ahead is not laid out, it’s a path of trial and error, but we need to embrace that challenge and try to find where we can keep improving value to our customers in this fast changing world.

How does appointing a CDO fit into the vision of KPMG? What does KPMG hope to achieve?

KPMG already has elements like innovation, people, clients, in its key strategic vision. The focus on these elements will only increase with digital. The combination of tools and skills will enable us to improve our services. We want to bring to our clients not only the best out of each individual or each tool, but transcend these individual achievements by providing highly connected teams that use technology to offer a unique customer value. 

Digitalization also allows KPMG to improve its relationship with and adapt the working environment for our people. It offers possibilities to increase communication & feedback and helps us grow to seamless collaboration.

How are people reacting to the change digitalization brings with it?

Just like to any other change. Some are looking forward to the new opportunities it brings, others want to wait and see.
The key will be to make sure we communicate clearly about our strategy and vision, what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it, translated to every single individual stakeholder (employee, customer, and partner) of the company.

So far, people are optimistic about how KPMG can turn change into an advantage. I’m sure these changing times will be a success story for us!

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