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Discover our new offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Hasselt

Discover our new offices

Discover our new offices

Discover our new offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Hasselt

We are proud to announce the relocation of our Brussels, Antwerp and Hasselt offices.

Our new energy efficient offices answer to the needs of a modern business thanks to a reduced ecological footprint.

For KPMG, the move also involves a new way of working, in which multidisciplinary service teams can collaborate more efficiently in a customized environment and use state-of-the-art technology.

Accessibility and mobility are important factors in the selection of our new locations. By moving to mobility hubs in Brussel, Antwerp and Hasselt, we increase the range of transportation available to you and our staff. The offices are now very easy to reach, not just by car, but also by alternative methods of transportation such as trains or buses. This mobility policy is enhanced by a renewed flex reward tool, through which our employees can select the mobility solution that suits their needs.

Finally, the new offices at Brussels Airport allow us to grow in a sustainable way. Together with our renewed mobility approach, this is a major element in our quest for sustainable growth.

We believe that our new offices will support us in our continued growth.

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