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Media Risks 2018

Media Risks 2018 Media Risks 2018

Emergence of fast evolving digital technologies, increased regulatory pressure and global economic uncertainty are key factors in the current risks landscape. KPMG Risk Consulting assists clients to develop robust risk mitigation methods by interpreting the underlying drivers of global risks.


Innovations of social and digital media impacting traditional broadcast and print media

  • Significant international operations leading to risks due to non-compliance with various regulations, economical and political developments, discriminatory fiscal policies etc.
  • Potential health risks posed by radio waves coming from networks, mobile phones or Wi-Fi terminals
  • Risk of loss of key personnel or popular on-air/ creative talent
  • Labordisputes, whether involving employees or organisations, could disrupt the business
  • Risk to reputation/brand as a result of negative assessment or comments from stakeholders


Risk arising from shifts in consumer media consumption and new models of product/service delivery

  • Risk of low public acceptance of new media content due to fast changing consumer taste and difficulty in predicting content popularity
  • Macroeconomic uncertainty from factors such as the UK's vote to leave the EU (Brexit) and weak global economic conditions
  • Competition from non-traditional internet players, like Hulu, Amazon, Google and Netflix, offering diverse and cheaper streaming alternatives
  • Intense globalized competition due to creation of fewer but stronger competitors through consolidation in the industry
  • Risk associated with piracy and counterfeiting severely impacting profitability


Increasing reliance on intellectual property and other proprietary rights, including programming content

  • Legal/ Regulatory risks as a result of change in communications laws or other regulations

Operational Excellence

Heavy reliance on a single supplier for sourcing most of the components, parts and systems, which has increased the concentration of risk

  • Risk associated with inability to renew programming rights and failure to secure significant content right


  • Increasing risk of cyber-security breaches
  • Rapidly changing technology may limit the competitiveness of and demand for existing services
  • Risk of technical failure due to destruction of satellites, transmitter facilities, and network & information systems

Profitability and Liquidity

  • Risk of loss or uncertain advertising revenue due to evolving digital advertising methods and changing advertising markets
  • The risk of adverse movements in interest rates, exchange rates and stock prices
  • Increasing programming and content costs

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