KPMG Moved to New Offices at Brussels National Airport | KPMG Belgium
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KPMG Moved to New Offices at Brussels National Airport

KPMG Moved to New Offices at Brussels National Airport

KPMG Moved to New Offices at Brussels National Airport

KPMG Belgium, specialized in audit, consultancy and tax services, has moved into their new offices at Brussels National Airport today. The independent law firm K law, which forms a cost group with KPMG Belastingconsulenten (Tax Advisers), has also taken up residence in the new building at the airport. KPMG moved into the Post X site in Antwerp Berchem last month as well. 

The new KPMG headquarters, which are designed by the architectural firm Jaspers & Eyers and developed by the project developer Codic, answers to the needs of a modern business. It accomplishes this both with a focus on transparency through the windows and lighting and by reducing our ecological footprint through energy efficiency. The entire building provides approximately 28,000 square meters of office space in total, spread over ten floors, of which KPMG occupies about half. Besides KPMG, various other companies, including Microsoft – with whom KPMG has formed a global alliance – will take up residence in the new building. 

Mobility Hub and Gateway

Koen Maerevoet, CEO of KPMG in Belgium: “By moving to a mobility hub, we increase the range of transportation available to our clients and staff. The airport is very easy to reach, not just by car, but also by alternative methods of transportation such as trains or buses. And thanks to the recent relocation of the Antwerp KPMG office, which is now near the Berchem station, employees also have a direct rail connection between the Brussels and Antwerp offices." Since the beginning of this year, KPMG has offered employees a full mobility package, to be invested in transportation as they see fit. “This way, we actively contribute to tomorrow's mobility solutions.”

Accessibility and mobility are important factors in opting for this location, but the presence of many other leading companies at and near the airport was key as well. “The airport is an important center of economic growth and a gateway to the rest of Europe and the world. In a rapidly evolving business environment, with clients relying on transnational advice, this provides important added value,” according to Maerevoet. 

Growing in a Sustainable Way

For KPMG, the move also involves a new way of working, in which multidisciplinary service teams can collaborate more efficiently in a customized environment and use state-of-the-art technology.

Finally, the new offices at Brussels Airport significantly reduce KPMG's ecological footprint, as this building boasts the BREAMM (construction sustainability assessment method) rating 'very good'. “Together with our mobility approach, this is a major element of our quest for sustainable growth,” concludes Koen Maerevoet.

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