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Status Harmonization

Status Harmonization

A path towards harmonized pension benefits for blue and white collar workers is necessary. The new legislation offers an opportunity to put this balance into practice. And we can show you how.

Muriel Lejour

KPMG Advisory, Director

KPMG in Belgium


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Status Harmonization

The harmonization of pensions for blue and white collar workers is needed in light of the current difference in application. And the new legislative landscape makes it possible to ensure a smart and efficient approach to balancing the two. Here is an overview: 

4 June 2008, the Labor Court of Antwerp accepted the difference in treatment between workers and employees as a part of supplementary pensions. 

7 July 2011, the Constitutional Court raised a judgment related to the treatment of differences in notice periods and days of default. This was the extent of the judgement. However, to avoid additional consequences on supplementary pensions, the legislator immediately asked for a share.

Title III of the Act of 5 May 2014 was published, amending the pension and survivor's pension, establishing the transition allowance in the pension scheme for employees and progressively removing treatment-based differences based on the distinction between workers and employees for supplementary pensions.

Does the legislative context of the pension plan harmonization seem complicated for you and your context? 

Find out how to align your plans simply and effectively. Contact our experts.

Status Harmonization
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