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Public Sector

Public Sector

The funding of pensions was reformed for personnel of local authorities through the ‘Daerden act’ on 24 October 2011. The new law, set in practice 1 January 2012, was created to solve shortages in the related pension pools.

Muriel Lejour

KPMG Advisory, Director

KPMG in Belgium


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Public Sector

The act substantially increases government expenditures and in turn, the cost of the communal budget. Below, we offer you a high-level study on financing of the future pension load and a clear view on future budgets. 

Our team assists in gathering information attainable from local administrations. We work collaboratively with them to increase accessibility of the information essential to the review. This data typically allows us to minimize the workload for human resource departments, and put a focus on data inputs that best reflect your unique reality.

One of our team members is an active player in the community. He offers an invaluable perspective into the real practice of public entities. See our study below to learn more on Pensions in the Public Sector and get connected with our experts. 

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