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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Curious about what the IAS19 means for you and your employee benefits plan? The new IAS-IFRS 19 covers all kinds of employee benefits, including but not limited to pensions.


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Employee Benefits

Today’s talent market is highly competitive. Attracting and keeping top talent is becoming more and more difficult. It is well known that the challenge of searching for skilled people means that many companies leverage fringe benefits as an incentive.

However, providing these benefits can be challenging for HR and Finance professionals. Given the technical complexity and evolving nature of pension and hospitalization matters, employers are required to regularly monitor the related risks to be sure they find the best options.

Our KPMG pension team can help you find a plan that conforms to your human resources and financial strategy and be there to support and advise you along the way, as you navigate the world of employee benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at -

  • The accounting requirement for employee benefits (IAS19)
  • Hospitalization insurance
  • Harmonization of pensions
  • Offering flexible reward plans

Find it in the PDF below.

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