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Tax News Flash - Europe 2017

Tax News Flash - Europe 2017

Tax News Flash - Europe 2017

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2017 Articles

December 2017

28 Dec - Latvia: Tax changes effective in 2018

27 Dec - Serbia: Changes to corporate income tax, VAT, individual tax laws

22 Dec - Belgium: Parliament to approve legislation implementing corporate tax reform

22 Dec - EU: Provisions for implementation, design of ultimate beneficial ownership registers advance

22 Dec - France: VAT refund opportunities, time limits for EU entities

21 Dec - Netherlands: Advance tax rulings to expire; re-file ruling requests in 2018

21 Dec - Denmark: Withholding tax on dividends paid to foreign investment funds (CJEU Advocate General opinion)

21 Dec - Germany: Anti-treaty shopping rule implications, dividends received by foreign parent companies from German subsidiaries (CJEU judgment)

21 Dec - Germany: VAT issues concerning consignment stock, revised official position

21 Dec - Norway: Amendments to tonnage tax system approved by ESA

19 Dec - Turkey: Corporate tax rate; tax changes for communications, finance sectors effective in 2018

18 Dec - Luxembourg: Parliament approves budget law; tax measures were amended during legislative process

18 Dec - Netherlands: EC state-aid investigations, whether tax rulings provide “unfair advantage”

18 Dec - Netherlands: Supreme Court rejects fiscal unity, Dutch “sister companies” having non-EU parent company

18 Dec - OECD: 2017 update to the “Model Tax Convention” addresses BEPS

15 Dec - Italy: Patent box regime, new decree defines and clarifies eligible intellectual property

15 Dec - UK: Corporate interest restriction regime, regulations addressing transitional mismatches 

15 Dec - UK: Scottish draft budget proposes changes to Scotland’s income tax rates

14 Dec - France: Temporary “exceptional surcharges” for large corporate taxpayers finally adopted

14 Dec - Bulgaria: New VAT measures effective in 2018

14 Dec - Czech Republic: VAT exemption for transport services in connection with imports, exports

14 Dec - EU: Economic partnership agreement negotiations with Japan finalized

14 Dec - EU: Recommendations concerning money laundering, tax avoidance, and tax evasion measures, approved by European Parliament

14 Dec - Luxembourg: Proposals to implement “ultimate beneficial owners” registries

14 Dec - Netherlands: “Crisis levy” on salaries, retroactive application upheld by European Court of Human Rights

14 Dec - Netherlands: Interim evaluation of 30% ruling, employees within 150 kilometers of Dutch border

13 Dec - Netherlands: Final VAT returns corrections; promotional gifts, company cars

13 Dec - EU: Guidelines to simplify withholding tax on cross-border investments

12 Dec - EU: Finance ministers express concerns about U.S. tax reform proposals

8 Dec - UK: Finance Bill 2018 as expected, follows Autumn budget

8 Dec - UK: Consultation on rules to expand withholding tax on royalties

8 Dec - UK: HMRC documents relating to tax-advantaged venture capital schemes

8 Dec - UK: HMRC consultations on leasing tax changes

7 Dec - Albania: VAT registration thresholds revised

6 Dec - Ireland: Practical Irish company law implications for Brexit

6 Dec - Ireland: VAT updates including VAT measures in budget 2018

6 Dec - Italy: Update on defining “permanent establishment”

6 Dec - Netherlands: Annual adjustment; salary for “highly skilled” migrants, increased legal fees 2018

5 Dec - EU: “Non-cooperative tax jurisdictions” identified, 17 "black listed" jurisdictions

5 Dec - EU: Council looks to rules on taxing profits in digital economy

5 Dec - EU: New VAT measures for cross-border online sales

4 Dec - Luxembourg: Taxation of stock options, warrant schemes

1 Dec - UK: Tax measures in Finance (No. 2) Bill, published 1 December 2017

1 Dec - UK: Tribunal rejects appeal for capital allowances on fee paid for decommissioning

November 2017

30 Nov - Bulgaria: Implications of CJEU judgment on VAT and bad debts

30 Nov - EU: New measures proposed to counter VAT fraud

29 Nov - EU: Recent developments concerning export controls and sanctions

27 Nov - Germany: VAT treatment of fees under leasing agreements (CJEU judgment)

27 Nov - Italy: Proposal to address “registration tax” on certain business reorganizations

27 Nov - Italy: VAT rate increases delayed in draft budget law 2018

24 Nov - Finland: Transfer of foreign permanent establishment, immediate taxation of unrealized gains (CJEU judgment)

24 Nov - UK: Amendments proposed to hybrid and other mismatch rules, some retroactive

24 Nov - UK: Budget provides index allowance for life insurance companies

24 Nov - UK: Few surprises for taxpayers in Autumn Budget 2017

24 Nov - UK: HMRC guidance on amending corporation tax returns, following enactment of Finance (No.2) Act 2017

24 Nov - UK: Withholding tax exemption for debt traded on multilateral trading facility; quoted Eurobond exemption extension

22 Nov - UK: Overview of Autumn Budget 2017

22 Nov - UK: Initial reactions to tax proposals in Autumn Budget

22 Nov - Italy: Capital gains on “qualifying shares,” proposed tax changes would affect non-resident investing entities

22 Nov - Romania: New “exit tax” provisions under tax avoidance rules

21 Nov - Hungary: Tax legislative measures approved by parliament

21 Nov - Serbia: Effective date of VAT recordkeeping, calculation rules is delayed

20 Nov - Austria: Tax rules for indefinite use of loss carryforwards upheld

20 Nov - France: Mechanism for deferred taxation of capital gains (CJEU Advocate General’s opinion)

20 Nov - Italy: Guidance on tax treatment of carried interest

17 Nov - UK: Anticipating business tax measures in Autumn Budget (scheduled for 22 November)

17 Nov - UK: Finance (No. 2) Bill 2017 received Royal Assent

16 Nov - France: Draft “corrective” finance bill for 2017

14 Nov - Romania: Corporate, individual tax changes effective beginning 2018

13 Nov - Switzerland: Reduced corporate tax rate, canton of Vaud

10 Nov - UK: HMRC draft guidance on corporate loss relief reform

10 Nov - UK: New quarterly instalment payments for “very large businesses” (regulations)

9 Nov - Czech Republic: R&D tax deduction; guidelines and legal requirements

9 Nov - Czech Republic: VAT notices warn of risks

6 Nov - Belgium: EC continues approval of Belgian tonnage tax regime (state aid rules)

6 Nov - Netherlands: Update on dividend withholding tax proposal

3 Nov - Italy: Agreement for automatic exchange of country-by-country reports with United States

3 Nov - UK: Autumn Budget scheduled for 22 November 2017

3 Nov - UK: Proposed corporate interest restriction rules (updates and analyses)

3 Nov - UK: House of Commons completes action on Finance (No. 2) Bill 2017

2 Nov - France: Corporate tax “exceptional surcharges” proposed for largest companies

2 Nov - Netherlands: Customs duty refund opportunities; recalls and warranties (CJEU judgment)

October 2017

31 Oct - EU: Combined Nomenclature (CN) for 2018

31 Oct - Switzerland: Implications of national tax proposal (Tax Proposal 17) for Canton of Bern

30 Oct - Belgium: Government reaches agreement, legislation implementing corporate tax reform

27 Oct - Belgium: Treatment of interest payments, exempt dividends under EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive (CJEU judgment)

27 Oct - UK: EC state aid investigation, treatment of multinational groups under CFC regime

27 Oct - UK: Finance (No. 2) Bill 2017 completes committee stage; report stage set for 31 October 2017

26 Oct - UK: Duplicate bridge not exempt from VAT as a “sport” (CJEU judgment)

26 Oct - Netherlands: CJEU Advocate General opinion on corporate fiscal unity, emergency cabinet response

25 Oct - Poland: Company transferring registered office to another EU Member State, freedom of establishment

24 Oct - Norway: Withholding tax on dividends; changes to rules effective 2018

24 Oct - Norway: Cross-border group relief available, loss carryforwards

24 Oct - OECD: Guidance on VAT and consumption tax collection, cross-border sales (BEPS Action 1)

24 Oct - Germany: Consignment stocks, criteria for avoiding VAT registration

20 Oct - EU: Digest of CJEU judgments, referrals; EU developments (October 2017)

20 Oct - UK: Status update on Finance (No. 2) Bill 2017; committee stage expected to conclude 26 October 2017

19 Oct - Ireland: Finance bill 2017 published, stages announced

19 Oct - Hungary: CJEU judgment, Hungarian motor vehicle tax prohibited customs duty

19 Oct - Serbia: Amendments regulating excise taxes, recordkeeping and calculations

18 Oct - Denmark: New income tax treaty signed with Japan

18 Oct - Italy: New VAT measures, effective 2018

17 Oct - Romania: Taxpayer products subject to “harmonized” excise duties

17 Oct - Luxembourg: Budget bill for 2018; individual and corporate tax changes

16 Oct - Luxembourg: 2017 tax reform; double-entry bookkeeping required for “liberal” professions

16 Oct - Czech Republic: Amendment to clarify VAT ledger statement requirements

16 Oct - Czech Republic: Claiming interest on “retained deductions” (tax remittances)

16 Oct - Czech Republic: Government criticisms of “legal electronic system”

16 Oct - Czech Republic: Tax treatment of disproportionate profit share distributions

13 Oct - UK: Update on progress of Finance (2017) Bill No. 2

12 Oct - Switzerland: Revised rules for VAT on research services

11 Oct - Austria: Decree on capital repayment and internal financing

11 Oct - Netherlands: Tax measures included in coalition agreement

11 Oct - Serbia: New VAT recordkeeping, calculation guidelines

10 Oct - EU: New rules, process for resolving tax treaty-related disputes

10 Oct - France: Dividends distribution tax (3%) held unconstitutional; possible refund opportunities

10 Oct - Ireland: Tax provisions in budget 2018

10 Oct - Malta: Tax proposals in budget 2018

10 Oct - Netherlands: Changes proposed, withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties

10 Oct - Poland: New version of corporate income tax bill

10 Oct - Romania: VAT split-payment mechanism

9 Oct - Luxembourg: Individual tax status, new options for non-resident taxpayers

6 Oct - Switzerland: Proposed changes, tax withholding on Swiss income employment

4 Oct - EU: Reform of VAT system proposed; single EU VAT area

3 Oct - Germany: Court decisions on corporate participations, unused losses, deductible expenses

3 Oct - Norway: VAT on e-services supplied by foreign companies to consumers

2 Oct - Netherlands: Is VAT on professional services deductible when sale ultimately fails?

2 Oct - Turkey: Draft legislation includes increased tax rates for companies, individuals

2 Oct - Turkey: Rights to taxation under network of income tax treaties

September 2017

29 Sep - Austria: High court addresses corporate group taxation rules

28 Sep - France: Tax proposals in 2018 draft budget

28 Sep - Switzerland: VAT rate reduction effective 1 January 2018

27 Sep - Poland: Draft legislative amendment introduces VAT “split payment” system

26 Sep - Russia: Tax treaty signed with Japan

26 Sep - Slovakia: Proposals for patent box regime, exit tax, CFC rules

22 Sep - Italy: Branch exemption, implementing regulation

22 Sep - Poland: Proposed cash register repository, collecting “real time” VAT information

22 Sep - Sweden: Tax changes in 2018 budget

22 Sep - UK: Implications of EU-Canada trade agreement for UK businesses

22 Sep - UK: Proposed replacing capital allowances with deduction for accounts depreciation

22 Sep - Netherlands: VAT exemption for cost-sharing groups, not applicable for financial and insurance sectors (CJEU judgments)

21 Sep - Belgium: VAT exemption not available, IGPs in financial, insurance sectors (CJEU judgments)

21 Sep - EU: EC communication on taxation of single digital economy

21 Sep - Luxembourg: CJEU judgments “seal the fate” of IPGs' VAT exemption in financial and insurance sectors

21 Sep - Netherlands: Tax measures for 2018, “budget day”

21 Sep - Netherlands: “Budget day” payroll tax, wages and salaries tax proposals

20 Sep - Netherlands: Bill on tax treatment of profits by holding cooperatives, expanded withholding exemption

20 Sep - UK: Tax credit for dividends originating from foreign-sourced profits (CJEU judgment)

19 Sep - UK: Validity of exit tax when majority of trustees of UK trust became residents abroad (CJEU judgment)

19 Sep - Poland: Proposals for new special economic zones; enhanced tax benefits

18 Sep - EU: Finance Ministers discuss taxation of digital economy at Ecofin meeting

15 Sep - France: VAT measures effective 2018; cash systems and software requirements

15 Sep - Ireland: Tax treatment of REITs and REIT shareholders

15 Sep - UK: Draft clauses for Finance Bill 2017 to 2018; tax implications

15 Sep - UK: Bank levy; restricting scope to UK balance sheets from 2021

15 Sep - UK: Draft legislation, taxation of partnerships

15 Sep - UK: Exemption from withholding tax for UK-source interest on debt traded on multilateral trading facility

14 Sep - Czech Republic: Amended measures on terminating VAT group registrations

14 Sep - Czech Republic: Non-deductible expenses and taxable revenues; possible opportunities for tax savings

14 Sep - EU: Taxation of interest, registered certificates that Austrian company purchased from German bank (CJEU judgment)

14 Sep - Germany: New, stricter requirements for VAT refunds; file by 30 September

13 Sep - Spain: New form for reporting related-party transactions, or transactions involving “tax havens”

12 Sep - Ireland: Recommendations for changes to Ireland’s corporation tax regime; no changes to 12.5% tax rate

12 Sep - Romania: Tax exemption, salaries paid employees engaged in R&D activities

12 Sep - Belgium: Notional interest deduction rate 0.746% for assessment year 2019

12 Sep - EU: Reminder, VAT refund claims due 30 September 2017

11 Sep - France: Exemption from withholding tax; dividends distributed by resident subsidiary to EU parent company controlled by shareholders in third countries (CJEU judgment)

11 Sep - Italy: New rules, tax benefits under “allowance for corporate equity”

8 Sep - UK: Finance Bill published 8 September; draft clauses for Finance (No. 2) Bill to be published 13 September

8 Sep - UK: Final HMRC guidance, corporate criminal offence of failing to prevent facilitation of tax evasion

8 Sep - Switzerland: Update on tax proposals (“Tax Proposal 17”)

6 Sep - EU: Recent developments concerning state aid, OECD, and local law and regulations 

6 Sep - Ireland: Deadline for companies to disclose beneficial ownership information to central register has been extended

5 Sep - Cyprus: Changes to VAT appeal procedure

5 Sep - Germany: Tax law measures enacted include “anti-patent box” provisions

5 Sep - Romania: Limited deductions concerning receivables; tax rules for representative offices

1 Sep - Romania: VAT split-payment mechanism legislation is enacted

August 2017

31 Aug - Lithuania: Supply of goods in chain transactions was intra-Community supply

30 Aug - EU: Export controls, sanctions regarding trade with Russia, Iran, Venezuela

29 Aug - Montenegro: VAT reverse-charge mechanism; foreign entities appointing a VAT proxy

29 Aug - EU: Deadline for filing VAT refunds is 30 September 2017

28 Aug - Croatia: Measures concerning foreign workers, work permits

25 Aug - Czech Republic: Case law expands when expenses are tax deductible

24 Aug - Montenegro: VAT law changes include an increased tax rate

23 Aug - Romania: Draft legislation clarifies VAT split-payment mechanism

21 Aug - UK: Customs considerations in light of “Brexit”

18 Aug - Czech Republic: VAT not included, transfer tax valuation of real property

17 Aug - Luxembourg: Tax circulars on individual income tax; wage tax guidance

16 Aug - Bulgaria: Tax liability of representatives, shareholders of legal entities

15 Aug - EU: Summary of recent CJEU judgments; infringement procedures and referrals to CJEU

15 Aug - UK: Multinationals with UK presence must publish their UK tax strategy before end of 2017

10 Aug - Luxembourg: IP tax regime proposed for 2018; patents, software covered

7 Aug - Romania: Proposal to introduce VAT split-payment mechanism

3 Aug - Belgium: Corporate tax reform, tax rate to be phased down to 25%

3 Aug - Russia: Revised “blacklist” of countries; process for identifying shell companies, unjustified tax benefits

1 Aug - Belgium: VAT and lease agreements for immovable property

1 Aug - Italy: Demerger followed by transfer of shares, not abusive transaction

July 2017

31 Jul - Germany: VAT invoice addresses; zero-rated services concerning imports and exports

28 Jul - UK: Companies incorporated in Jersey; residents of UK?

28 Jul - UK: Updated HMRC guidance on R&D tax relief for reimbursed expenses

27 Jul - Estonia: Measures on taxation of dividends, intra-group loans, employee-share options, fringe benefits

26 Jul - Belgium: Agreement reached on tax provisions in 2018 budget;
reduced rate of corporate income tax and other measures

25 Jul - Italy: Withholding tax exemption, foreign investments in Italian real estate investment funds

24 Jul - Albania: Reduced VAT rate for tourism activities

24 Jul - Austria: Input tax deductions, real estate sales

21 Jul - UK: Corporate loss reform; updated draft legislation to be effective 1 April 2017

21 Jul - UK: Follow-up consultation on leasing taxation delayed

20 Jul - Czech Republic: Guidance on VAT ledger statements

20 Jul - Montenegro: VAT law amendments

20 Jul - Switzerland: VAT reform delayed; “low value” imports

19 Jul - Cyprus: Temporary tax returns due before 31 July

19 Jul - Italy: Increase in percentage of taxable capital gains

19 Jul - Netherlands: Social security treaty with China, enters into force 1 September 2017

18 Jul - EU: Exchange of customs-related information with third countries, consultation

18 Jul - France: No permanent establishment found of Irish entity, concludes administrative court in Paris

18 Jul - Netherlands: Applying 183-day rule; physical presence method followed

17 Jul - Cyprus: Defining “resident individual” for tax purposes

17 Jul - Macedonia: New reporting, payment of individual (personal) income tax starting 1 January 2018

17 Jul - Poland: Proposed amendment to corporate income tax, individual income tax

14 Jul - EU: Agreement with Japan would remove, reduce customs tariffs 

14 Jul - Finland: Finnish exit tax and restriction on freedom of establishment; CJEU Advocate General opinion

14 Jul - Netherlands: Proposed legislation, VAT treatment of retail vouchers

14 Jul - Netherlands: VAT on professional services; is it deductible if unsuccessful share deal?

14 Jul - UK: Finance bill delayed; updated draft legislation reflects technical changes 

14 Jul - UK: Proposed changes to hybrid mismatch rules

13 Jul - Belgium: Foreign tax credits, French-sourced dividends distributed to Belgian individuals

13 Jul - EU: Summary of recent CJEU judgments; infringement procedures and referrals to CJEU

12 Jul - Denmark: Tax incentives for hydrocarbon activities, draft bill

11 Jul - Netherlands: Potential trade, customs implications of “Brexit” on Dutch businesses

11 Jul - Netherlands: Proposals for interest deduction limitation, exit tax, CFC rules

11 Jul - OECD: Draft contents of 2017 update to Model Tax Convention

10 Jul - France: Tax announcements, proposals of new French government

10 Jul - UK: Implications of Brexit negotiations; critical for retailers to understand supply chains at granular level

7 Jul - Netherlands: Innovation box regime approved by OECD

7 Jul - UK: Recommendations on how to improve corporation tax return

6 Jul - Italy: Opportunity to resolve judicial tax disputes without interest, penalties

5 Jul - Romania: Disallowed VAT deduction, supplies provided by inactive taxpayer (CJEU Advocate General’s opinion)

June 2017

30 Jun - Germany: VAT implications, place of service involving permanent establishment

30 Jun - Poland: EC finds retail sector tax contrary to EU rules

30 Jun - Sweden: New tax liabilities, reporting by foreign employees proposed

30 Jun - UK: Accounting expense for grant of share options to employees is deductible for corporation tax purposes, tribunal decision

30 Jun - UK: Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) first annual report for 2016-17

29 Jun - Netherlands: Innovation box approved by EU; applies to plant-protection products

28 Jun - Poland: Changes to taxation of investment funds

28 Jun - Poland: Local government units, VAT deductions

28 Jun - Poland: Tax on certain financial institutions securing financial market in event of financial crisis

27 Jun - Italy: New VAT measures enacted

27 Jun - Bulgaria: Tax card 2017; a concise overview of taxes for 2017

27 Jun - Ireland: Annual VAT recovery rate adjustment for 2016; due date for certain businesses is 23 July 2017

27 Jun - Spain: Tax exemptions for Church may constitute unlawful state aid

27 Jun - Sweden: Directors’ fees subject to tax as income from employment

26 Jun - Poland: Financial support for SME sub-suppliers can benefit large companies

26 Jun - UK: Businesses need to consider potential non-economic business activities and their VAT consequences

26 Jun - UK: Proposed corporate interest restriction rules (updates and analyses)

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