Process for management of certificates

Process for management of certificates

KPMG Certification BV - Process for management of certificates.




Granting and refusing certification

KPMG Certification BV will be provided the audit report by the audit team and any corrective actions related to non-conformities taken by the client. The audit team will also provide a recommendation as to whether or not to grant certification, along with any conditions or observations.

KPMG Certification BV as the certification body will verify the implementation of any corrections and corrective actions of any major non-conformity within six months after the last day of stage 2. If this is not verifiable then another stage 2 audit shall be carried out prior to recommending certification.

Maintaining and renewing certification

KPMG Certification BV will maintain certification based on demonstration that the client continues to satisfy the requirements of the management system standard in regular surveillance audits.

KPMG Certification BV will make a decision on renewing certification based on the results of a recertification audit, along with the results of the review of the system over the period of certification.

Suspending, withdrawing, restoring or changing the scope of certification

The certification will be suspended in cases when the management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet requirements. Certification can also be suspended when the client does not allow surveillance or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies. Under suspension, the certification is temporarily invalid. Certification can be restored if corrective actions are put in place effectively and the certification requirements are met.

Withdrawal of the certification can occur in cases where necessary action has not been taken by the client to remediate issues leading to a suspension. A certificate can also be withdrawn without prior suspension and for the non-payment of fees.

The certification scope will be reduced to exclude parts that are not meeting the requirements in cases where the management system persistently or seriously fails to meet the certification requirements.

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