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Cyber in the Boardroom

Cyber in the Boardroom

The first place you should be addresing cyber risk is in the boardroom and at the management level.


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Countering an evolving threat landscape requires board level leadership, insight and decision making.

Why should cyber security be addressed in the boardroom?

Investors, governments, and global regulators are increasingly challenging board members to actively demonstrate diligence in the area of cyber security. Regulators expect personal information to be protected and systems to be resilient to both accidents and deliberate attacks. Value chain partners expect a trustworthy and transparent approach to risks. And customers expect that services are available and data is protected when stored or processed by leading organizations. 


From threat to opportunity

Customer transactions and business processes are increasingly digitalized and often cross national borders, creating new risks. But more prominently, it also induces new opportunities. Senior management can capitalize on these opportunities while limiting unanticipated risks by establishing effective cyber risk management from the top. This includes having a comprehensive overview of your business environment, potential targets and threat actors, current state of protection and legal and regulatory requirements.

KPMG’s Cyber in the Boardroom Approach

We help senior management and executive boards to understand cyber risk using their language and to improve strategic decision making by using aggregated cyber data.

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