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Digital Ledger Services

Digital Ledger Services

Let us help you find the fastest way to approach and understand blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in Belgium.


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Blockchain & DLT offers the potential to provide faster and more secure transactions, streamline and automate back-office operations, and reduce costs by leveraging cloud-based technologies.​

Embracing a rapidly-advancing new technology that disrupts business as usual is not always easy.​ However, a wide range of companies are exploring blockchain as the potential solution to challenges both inside and outside the financial services industry. While these distributed ledger technologies, known mostly for underpinning the Bitcoin digital currency, offer potential opportunities for banking and capital markets firms, there remain substantial implementation barriers to overcome.

At KPMG, we believe that now is the time for experimentation, not for wholesale technology implementation. Corporates that encourage use case testing – whether for the securities trading life cycle, the processing of a loan or digital identify verification – and who can learn from this experimentation will be better positioned to adjust course and achieve the most value.

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