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What every DSO should know about digital

What every DSO should know about digital

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This report presents the results of interviews with top Distribution System Operations (DSOs) from across Europe. The research, conducted as part of the KPMG Research Chair at Vlerick Business School, tackles the issue of "rising to the power grid challenge".

Want to read the full report? Contact Ingrid Stoffels: istoffels@kpmg.com to receive it.

Focusing on the following five themes, the report goes into how DSOs can prepare and find opportunity in a new digital age.

  1. The end game of digital is a transformation of the DSO Core Business
  2. Digital Transformation brings alone new customer experiences, new processes and IT experiences
  3. Transformation means cultural change
  4. DSOs will have to reach out to the entire energy ecosystem, including new players
  5. The quality of data governance will determine a DSO's success

Understanding the Digital Reality for DSOs

Several major trends were spotted in 2016 as affecting the industry: connectivity, data innovation, industrial internet, cyber security, and collaboration on multiple levels. So how to DSOs need to react to these trends? Digital transformation does not need to pose a threat for DSOs and the energy sector. It needs to be transformed into an opportunity. So how can DSOs remake themselves into agile digital businesses?

Our report dives into these questions and more, focusing specifically on the C-level and Head of Digital point of view. Interviews from experts in the field share their own experiences around the five themes.

Download the teaser for a more in depth look at what you can expect in the report.

For a copy of the full report, please contact Ingrid Stoffels: istoffels@kpmg.com.

About the study and Energy Chair

This report comes out of the KPMG Energy Chair, an agreement signed in January 2015 between KPMG and Vlerick Business School. The KPMG Chair on the future of Electricity and Gas Distribution Grid Companies, is dubbed “Rising to the power grid challenge”. Why this focus on distribution system operators (DSOs)? And what’s on the research agenda for the years ahead? Jorn De Neve, Partner Deal Advisory at KPMG, and Daniël Pairon, Global Head of Asset Management at KPMG, will be working together with Vlerick Professor Leonardo Meeus and Daniel Dobbeni, respectively Director and Chairman of the Vlerick Energy Centre. Find out more about this DSO Energy Chair.

The Future of Energy Distribution

The rise of new forms of decentral energy production and the growing importance of the prosumer has forced DSOs (Distribution System Operators) to thoroughly review their business model. “If the DSOs want to continue to play a facilitating role and remain an interactive partner in the value chain, their business models need to evolve and they need to embrace digitization and data analytics”, says Jorn De Neve (KPMG). “Concretely, this means that Energy Professor Leonardo Meeus and Digital Professor Stijn Viaene will be joining forces in our DSO Chair. They will be working together with KPMG professionals who are currently playing a very active role in digitization, customer interaction, and data and analytics within other industries.”

As part of the Energy Chair, KPMG and Vlerick conducted a survey with European DSOs. The results showed that innovation and the evolution of the business model are one of their five main concerns, and that it needs to be addressed to meet the changing market conditions. Reviewing business models is a key part of our activities, not only for the energy sector, but also for other sectors, such as financial services, telecom and the public sector. In this process, we rely on our SMART strategy

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